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The Right Rites

I JUST jumped back into the blog with all my many feet (Don’t judge me! I need all these feet!) and WHAT THE WHAT!?

The first thing I do is run off to my group blog and not EVEN post here? FOR REALS?

Yes, for reals, I am at TLC today talking puncture wounds and rites of passage. Come play? All you have to do is click this BOLDED text (apparently we do not have the link colors working yet. Ahem!)

YES, Virginia, for the record, I AM as disgusted with my freewheeling blog-slut post-anywhere behavior as you are.

4 comments to The Right Rites

  • Mr. Husband

    Link colors, GO! I choose you, royal blue!

    For the record, I had neglected to select a link color on the reworked blog page and the link in the post above was the same color as the rest of the text. I say this for any of who might look, see the blue text, and wonder if maybe the mental illness number was climing.


  • Asa

    Owls are scary. I always think of Bob in Twin Peaks.

  • Linda J

    Of course the mental illness number is climbing. She is less than 2 months away from book release, probably drafting the next work of art, and CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! Why in the would the number not be planetary???

  • Yay for royal blue, yay for Maisy’s ears, yay for Mr. Husband looking after our Joss, and sorry Asa, but yay for owls. I must’ve stolen your enjoyment of them and hogged it all for myself ’cause I lurve owls bunches.

    And yay for blogging, either hither or yon!