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The Friday Redirect

An Open Letter to the Fat Girl I saw at Hot Yoga in New York City

9 comments to The Friday Redirect

  • That made me cry. Thank you for being awesome!

  • Brilliant. Just bloody brilliant!

  • jetmom4

    i got excited that lululemon had plus size, i felt SOOOO fat when i saw that the largest size they have is 12… so fat girl is size 10??? yikes, i feel ginormous now

  • They do not have plus sizes, but their size system is not the american standard system-12 is not what you think of when you say a 12.

  • PS — I think the whole point is to NOT compare, to try to NOT feel bad and mean toward your body and to work to be nicer to it whether it looks like a 16 year old model or not, whetehr it has let you down or not, whether you are angry with it or not. It is you. You live in it and are it. So it is valuable and great.

  • Les in az

    Loved this. I wish I was brave enough to be the fat girl at yoga. I have always wanted to try yoga but I can’t bear being the only fat girl in class. And the only one who doesn’t know what the he’ll she’s doing either thereby drawing more attention to the size of my rear endows ginormous.

  • Les in az. . .find yourself a yoga place that has a beginners class. The instructors are always VERY, VERY helpful. Also tell them if you have any join issues. Mine is my knees–can’t squat WORTH squat. . .so the two instructors I’ve had would ALWAYS give me a modified pose to do. In beginners classes, they normally show you the “real” pose and also show the modified poses. I am a double digit sized gal whose clothing could be a sophomore in high school, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yoga. Love.

  • Make that a sophomore in college. 🙂

  • Our bookshop founder, who is in his mid-70’s, has started taking up yoga, and I’m beginning to think that if there’s a yoga class that works for him (and it does), then there has to be one for someone who’s size is above the legal drinking limit age.

    But I’d need a buddy, and my partner’s absolutely not a yoga gal. Otherwise, well, it’s so nice and warm and safe at home, y’know? Ennui is a huge obstacle.