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The Zoo in Pictures, Part Two: ZOMGAH! IS BABY LIONS!

Yes. The zoo has baby lions.

Five of them, which WOW, that is a lot of baby lions in a single litter.

Some people might think I buried the lead, giving you giraffes when THE WHOLE TIME I secretly had baby lions.

But honestly? For me? The giraffes were the total win on smell alone. I love the sun-baked cheerful smell of a good ol’ giant herbivore in the morning.

Giraffes smell like Horse + +, and they DO have velvety noses, thank you for asking, and the things on their head are not, as you might think (if you are me) called Deedleboppers, but which Marcia explained are actually called OSSICONES.

Male giraffe’s use them to bang the crap out of OTHER male giraffes who are irking them by macking on the lady giraffes, or whatever else boy giraffes can do to irk each other…

Call the other giraffe’s mom ugly?

I dunno. My imagination fails me.

Anyway YES. There were baby lions.

Here are more pics:

Oh wait that is a SEA LION. His name is GEO. You can tell he is not a seal because he has ears. He is also sleek and graceful and BEAUTIFUL from a distance, and pop-eyed and googly and loony looking from up close.
When he saw me PEERING down at him, he gawped his big old yawper SO wide, hoping I had fishes. I like him. I did have fishes, so he liked me back. I tell you something about him: He does not CHEW. Per se. His girlfriend is prettier than he is, but I like him best, maybe because I too have a googly loon eyes if you get too close.

And you are like, SHUT UP AND GET THE BABY LIONS! Okay, fine. HERE:

Here is a baby lion. Next to his mom. Who does not want us to be taking pictures of her spawns.

The SECOND COOLEST thing all day, after making out with Gordon, natch, was we got to go up and feed the baby lions. They ate meatballs on sticks. For afters, we were given squirt bottles of goats milk that we SHOT at them. I DID< for the record, try to hit them in the mouth. But I was not a good shooter. I shot one named Vulcan with milk quite A FEW TIMES, and he got sprinkle face, and he glared at me, righteously indignant, VERY put upon AND disgruntled, like, “ Hey there, mean lady, why you shooted me???” Then he figured out it was milk and became DELIGHTFUL about it, opening his little mouth and leaning in. MAN what a glorious day! I love Patti Callahan Henry FOREVER.

11 comments to The Zoo in Pictures, Part Two: ZOMGAH! IS BABY LIONS!

  • Jennifer in NC

    The squirt bottle of milk reminds me of milking the cows at my Grandma’s farm and aiming for the barn cats. My aunt had very accurate aim and the kitties adored her. How cool is it that you got to play this game with the BIG kitties? Fab.

    I will continue to say Deedleboppers, it sounds way cooler.

  • Brigitte

    What an utterly SQUEEEEE!-licious day.

  • LaurieB

    Lionettes, adorable!! You had a good animal day.

  • DebR

    I want to pick up a baby lion and cuddle it!!! (Not the mama though, just the baby.)

  • All trips to the zoo should be like THIS! I am so in love with that SEA LION! WIth his ears and goggly eyes. I want to feed him fishes!

  • So I ALREADY loved giraffes, but for you to tell me they smell like horse++, well that SEALS THE DEAL, because my family (all city born) will stare at me like I’m an idiot when I am near ANY horse. . .or even a place where horses are and there are no horses in sight, and I say, “It smells like HORSES!!!” Much in the same way we women carry on about puppy breath. I got KINDA close to a giraffe at the Abilene (TX) zoo long, long ago. . .but only close enough to look DOWN on one that was eating hay out a basket. They didn’t have the bridge low enough that we could touch them and smell their horse++ smell.

    And GET OUT with the baby lions. I don’t think mama lion was mad about you taking pictures. . .I think she is FRAZZLED–FIVE lion cubs gnawing on her ears and rolling around making dust clouds and CAVORTING. I can imagine that gets tiresome when you are left to clean up the goat’s milk after the friends have gone home.

    I love the photos. I am so glad you got to have such a glorious day.

  • Jill W.

    Nope, sorry. Definitely deedleboppers.

  • Lulu

    Oh, frabjous day! Looks like a grand time was had by all. Seals vs. sea lions, hmm? When someone says “sea lion” I always picture a walrus. Now I’ll try to picture them as seals. With ears (not to mention pop-eyes and googliness). Thanks for helping with that.

    And I’m with Roxanne and others who love the aroma of horse. One of the very best things about where I live is that the closest neigh-bors (!) are mini-horses.

  • Kathy

    I think Roxanne is right. Mom looks like I would after a day with 5 kids! Or how I usually DO look after a hard day at work…..

  • Scottsdale Girl

    HIGH AMOUNTS OF WANT – squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bebekittehlions!!!!!

  • rams

    You had me at Ossicones.