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Honestly, I have the best friends alive. Sara realized my Malaprop’s date was actually the first stop on my tour, so she threw me a spontaneous party at her house. It was quite awesome. Also, Loretta Lynn was in town, and downtown Ashville has nine parking spaces, so she hired a car to take us to the bookstore event.

On the way, feeling QUITE saucy in our sprouncy town car, we passed a good hundred people in khaki pants or nice jeans or sundresses standing in a huddle on the side of the road. As they saw us approach, they started jumping up and down and hollering joyously. Then they realized we weren’t Loretta Lynn and they all deflated and glared at us accusingly. But it was pretty cool while it lasted.

We went another couple of blocks and saw another largish crowd by the roadside. VERY DIFFERENT CROWD. No khakis, but many, many cut offs and tattoos. Many halter tops and mesh shirts. There were sundresses, but mostly they were paired with the kind of manky rubber flippy-flops I used to wear to brave the mossy-bottomed showers at Wiregrass Christian Youth Camp. We were impressed with the scope of Loretta’s demographic, until we found out The WWE was also in town. So.

I think I ate about 7,000 calories worth of buffalo mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto and dipped in Sara’s homemade Balsamic vinaigrette. I am so bloated and puffed with salt now I think I need to go drink a lake.

If you missed Sara’s party because of Loretta Lynn or because you live in the Atlanta area, I hope you can make it to one of the stuffs happening this week,… Tuesday I will be downtown at Margaret Mitchell House and Thursday I will be in Woodstock, partying at Foxtale Book Shoppe.

Another friend, Alan Deutschmanwho helped me film, could not believe I had the movie up later the same day we took the footage. He asked me to teach him how to use a Flip Phone. Which is the thing I am using to make VLOGS. This seemed to be of general interest, based on the comments, so I am going to teach you ALL how to make videos using the Flip Phone. SUPER easy.

First, it is important that you understand that it is a video camera, not a phone, but I keep calling it a Flip Phone anyway. Sometimes on purpose, like now, to mock myself, but most times, like every time I speak of the thing out loud, because I am a dork who can’t remember not to say the word PHONE after the word FLIP.

The Flip Phone comes with software. Or hardware. Or a program. Whatever you call a thing you put on your computer to do a job. You should get Scott to get that off the phone and put it on the computer.

Then, you just take a bunch of video footage with your Flip Phone. I suggest you include dogs. People like dogs in videos. If you can make the dog talk in a funny voice, even better.

Once you have all your footage, you plug the Flip Phone into your computer and then double click on the FLIPSHARE icon that Scott has put right on your desktop.

THEN the easiest film editing menu in the entire world opens up, so easy that I could do it myself within 5 minutes just by poking around. When I ran into trouble, I would ask Scott a question, because he had skimmed the manual. SO you could leave a question for him in comments, or, if his response time is pokey and you become desperate, you could always skim the manual yourself.

Here are some hints that will save you from my early mistakes.

1) Leave 2 seconds of silence at the beginning and the end of your take. Otherwise you get yourself saying “Okay go!” at the beginning. And at the end, the Flip Phone editor puts in a FADE effect and your last two words will get lost if you don’t have a little room there.

2) The Flip phone won’t let you edit any clip be shorter than 3 seconds because it wants two seconds to use for its fade effect. You can’t stop it. SO if you want to a fast take montage of people saying things, the thing they say should be longer than three seconds. “Push the button,” to choose a totally random example, coughcough, is too short to edit easily into a good montage.

12 comments to Flippit

  • My boyfriend got a Flip from me for Christmas last year, and I have the EXACT same problem you have — to me, it is forever a Flip phone, not a Flip camera. It IS quite impossible to say the word “FLIP” without following it with “phone”! And most actual flip phones have video camera features, making the whole thing even more confusing 🙂

    BTW, I’m SO excited about Backseat Saints this week — cannot wait for everyone in the world to enjoy it as much as I did. And although I already posted a (glowing) review, I will be posting a comparison/ contrast post featuring both gods in Alabama & Backseat Saints in honor of its release on Tuesday! Now just trying to figure out how to get away from work sometime during your book tour so I can hear you speak & meet the woman who created Arlene & Rose Mae…

  • Judy in California

    O Flip Phone/Camera Goddess, font of all wisdom related thereto (cough — Hey, Scott! A question over here! — cough), you have enlightened me about shooting video footage with said Flip, and about editing the footage, which leaves me with just one burning question: “Can I then burn that footage onto a CD or is it only usable for posting online?”

    Many thanks from She Who Hopes To See You At The Signing In Berkeley, California!

  • Dude, I tried valiantly to attend the Malaprop’s event, but ended up stuck somewhere in the middle of the Loretta Lynn people and the WWE people, thinking WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON??? AND WHY ARE THERE ONLY NINE PARKING SPACES HERE? So, I missed the reading and signing at Malaprop’s by (according to the lovely guy at the cash register) actual seconds. It’s probably for the best, because I probably would have been starstruck and unable to say anything but mumble (or shriek?) incoherently, “I READ YOUR BLOG! AND THE OTHER BLOG! I BOOKS LIKE YOUR DO! WRITING GOOD!”

    Oh, well — I did get a signed copy though! 🙂

    I hope the rest of the tour is as exciting, if not as WWE-filled.

  • Julie G

    Those Loretta Lynn people don’t know what they missed! I wish I could have been there, but I live in Central Florida (Clearwater)and it would have been a long drive on such short notice. And no parking when I got there. So.

    Also, I didn’t know Scott made housecalls! Next time I need software installed, I shall call him. (j/k)

    I hope the whole tour is as much fun as this sounded like.

  • Judy…I have no idea. SCOTT?????

    Jenny ALAS!!! But I am glad you got the book…..I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  • I was totally impressed by your flip phone doohickey. . .AND the whole fish in a fish thing. Awesomeness. Both of those things go for your latest book as well. Oh. My. Goodness. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. . .WONDERFUL.

  • Amy-Go

    But what TIME will you be at Foxtale in Woodstock on Thursday, Beautiful Tulip? Because it is on Thursday that I become, once again and at last, an ATLANTA RESIDENT!! And if your event is in the evening, I might be forced to celebrate my return by taking you out for cocktails after. Because that is how Amy-Go rolls. Let me know!

  • I would have loved to be at the Malaprops signing, but Raleigh is way yonder away from Asheville. I know because I drove each of those five hours only a couple weeks ago and was not up to doing it again. Sorry.

    I WILL however, buy your new book!!! So there’s that.

    Enjoy the tour!

  • Melanie

    My name is Melanie and I am a Flipoholic. I just wanted to let you know what my family does with out Flip cameras, at which point you will either think I am the coolest or the dorkiest or possibly both. We are homeschoolers and instead of doing a Christmas play or performing Our Town for a drama class, we decided last year to make a film. So we chose one that should be nice and easy, especially with a no budget and only two Flips. I lie. We chose the Lord of the Rings. (and much to my son’s chagrin, the Peter Jackson version — My son is Aragorn, but never lets us forget his outrage that Tom Bombadill didn’t make the movies.) Last year we did the Fellowship, even as I type, we just finished up an editing session on this year’s offering The Two Towers. We have a red carpet premiere in July, complete with limos and fancy clothes. Next year we will start on the Return of the King.. and we will actually have kids that have graduated come back to reprise their roles because it is so much fun! And it’s all thanks to Flip Phones, as you call them. And yes, Judy in California, you can burn your Flip Video’s to DVD, but you need some additional software for that. And also, I loved watching your Flip phone video preparing the prize packs. I especially loved the dog.

  • Linda J

    Congratulations on Backseat Saints release day.

  • JMixx

    “Manky” is a wonderful word. I currently own a pair of those flip-flops in the most obnoxious green you can imagine.

    BUT the word “manky” reminds me of Inspector Clouseau (the inimitable Peter Sellers): “It was not clear, whether the beggar, or his chimpanzee manky, was brakking the leau!”

  • Donna Brazas-Reynolds

    I am SO unbelievably disappointed! As a Chicagoan, I didn’t think I’d get to meet you in person, and I’ve had such a joy reading your blog the last year or so (my kiddies are 6 and 9), and I’ve connected with it on so many levels. Where did my job take me this week? AtLANta. What day did I read you’d be at MM house? WEDnesday. Story of my life.