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Notes from the Trenches

If you are wondering if I died: I did not die.

I am just taking the whole week off from EVERY DERN THING to be at 100% to read the audiobook of A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY next week. (Woooo! Superfun!)

But this? I had to share. It’s Spockporn from my friend Cornelia Read. And you know how I feel about Spock, right? Word

If not, let me nutshell it for you. I luff him. I luff the Spock. I AM NOT ASHAMED. This is not because of the new hot souped up sex-Spock, either. I was crushing on the Leonard Nimoy version from the time I was 8, and my passion has not waned.

My friend Lydia sent me to see this admittedly appalling video last week:

She sent a note with the suggestion that watching it might finally put my Spock-is-hot lunacy to rest…” (DIGRESSION: I was going to say TO BED here but that just seemed…fraught with all kinds of bad punnage, so I sidestepped. YOU’RE WELCOME.)

So—feeling my love could withstand any testing, I clicked her link. I watched the video and I wrote back and told her, “Good try, but the crush emerged unscathed. I would hit that. I would SO hit that.”

Which really, if a love can survive the Bilbo Baggins song, then you have to assume that not even death can kill it.

17 comments to Notes from the Trenches

  • I LOVE you reading your books! LOVE IT!

    I think Spock is hawt, too. I couldn’t pinpoint any reasons, but yes, l love me some Spock.

    ps. I just have to say this to SOMEONE. My daughter has recently discovered The Might Morphin Power Rangers (yeah that’s how it’s spelled) on Netflix and it is just AWFUL! Can I forbid her to watch shows because they are poorly produced and poorly written?


    That should be Mighty. I was so concerned about whether it was Morphin or Morphing or Morphen or MORPHINE that I miss typed MIGHTY. sheesh.

  • Pandora Vox

    Any love that can survive that video should never be denied. And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva…So tweasure your wuv.

  • Kerry


  • Em

    How does he get his hair so shiny?

  • Jill W.

    I get the Spock attraction, I do, but I don’t know how anything can survive that song. I feel like my soul just got vaporized. Maybe your immunity to (non-holiday shoe-related) songs in general allowed your Spockluff to pass through unscathed.

  • Lulu

    This is not a Spockitude, but you have seen the Lazy Song video with Leonard Nimoy, right? If not:

    Happy Thursday.

    Now, back to work, me.

  • Beth

    My kid watches Power Rangers too! I kind of love it BECAUSE it is so poorly written and produced. But also because it has chicks in power positions (okay, more or less).

    Also, if anybody has a crush on George Takei (I know he’s gay, but I can still have a crush on him!) he is on the kids’ show “Supahninjas” (that is not a misspelling) on Nickelodeon as the hologram grandpa. Rockin.

  • Okay, he’s hot in a freaky, alien, uber-nerd sort of way. But he can’t hold a candle to Almanzo from Little House on the Praire.

  • DebR

    Well of course your SpockLove survived the scary-bad Bilbo Baggins song, because the guy in that video wasn’t Spock. That was Leonard Nimoy. Leonard Nimoy LOOKS a lot like Spock and he SOUNDS a lot like Spock, but he isn’t Spock. SPOCK is Spock and Spock would never, EVER sing the Bilbo Baggins song unless maybe he was shot in the face with alien, melotional-behavior-inducing flower spores. And even then, he’d eventually get control of himself and vow never to balladize Bilbo again. Just sayin’….

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    Tenessa and Beth — my son is now 19 and a sophomore in college, but back when he was young he was an AVID Power Rangers fan. I sat through endless episodes with him AND took him to the Power Rangers movies. Now we look back on it with nostalgia. There is something about the show that is so bad that it’s good.

    Joshilyn, so does this mean that you have re-set the October 10 going-at-’em date? My body has also turned on me and is causing me all kinds of physical issues and pain and minor surgery coming up, and I am in need of a GET BACK INTO IT date also. If you have set a new one, let me know and maybe it will help me get my brain functioning again so that I can feel like a worthwhile person again.

  • Brigitte

    DebR, I completely agree with your analysis! Plus, nothing could take away from the awesomeness of that first picture, I want that poster!

  • gillian

    am shivering with delight at the thought of listening to A Different Kind of Crazy. Soon.

  • Mmmm, love me some pointy ears and one raised eyebrow. I think he had to have been somehow coerced into doing that video. ALL those people in that video had to have been coerced because otherwise, why… WHY would they do that?! It flies in the face of sanity. (also – @all adither – Manly… hells yes!)

  • Linda J

    I so can not wait to read A Grown Up Kind of Pretty…and listen to it too

  • “Spock porn.” *SNORT* Very funny.

    I could NOT make it through that video. Sorry. I would MUCH rather remember him leaning against that car. I am glad that Tolkien did not live to see that video. Srsly.