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Please to Make Clickies

SO. A thing happened that made me make that face.

You might make that face, too, if you go read it, because it is HELLA weird, and also you might make the face anyway, simply because it is a blog entry by ME that is NOT ABOUT BRONCHITIS. It doesn’t even MENTION bronchitis. Even though Bronchitis is the center of my living existence these days.


Here in CYBERLAND I am
on my group blog, The Lipstick Chronicles, telling you all about it. Make clickies!!! You will LIKE it. There are zombies in it. And maybe squirrels. AND WEAPONRY. And it is ALL TRUE.

In the FOR REALS life I am at Auburn University, keynoting their fantastic Writer’s Conference and trying not to hack up any actual lung material at dinner, as this is considered off putting.

6 comments to Please to Make Clickies

  • Joel C.

    Zombie squirrels with rocket launchers. I’m telling ya, you can’t make this stuff up.

  • Niki

    Ha! The cousin of that squirrel lives in my yard. About every three days, it needs a good fix of kitchen window brick-licking. There is no banging on the window that’ll scare it off. Bricks must be some good s***.

    Luckily, no cousins of the Meth-head have shown up to cannibalize any of our nodes.

    Get well soon. 🙂

  • We have one lone intrepid squirrel and no bricks to lick. We do, however, have multitudinous crows — whom we call “Rupert”, all of them, so there can be a murder of Ruperts — in the neighborhood. Who needs alarm clocks? Stupid Ruperts.

    Oh, and Joss, I’m to let you know that you will be feeling better soon. Lillian has most generously decided to take on your ailing lung functions. You’re welcome.

  • Are you SERIOUS??? I had no idea you were at all sick, let alone “should-be-in-bed-high-on-cough-syrup” sick. You were WONDERFUL. I have a total fan-girl crush on you now, and can’t wait until my kids finally go to bed so I can read everything you’ve ever written in a bleary-eyed, coke-zero-fueled binge. I’m gonna be pretty at church tomorrow.

    I know you only do a few writer’s conferences a year, and I’m counting my blessings that I got a chance to be at one of them. Special thanks to taking the time to talk to me and my buddy Robin about how to create our own writing circle. Tips like that are invaluable for those of us who still feel like we’re outside the candy store with our noses pressed against the window.

  • Amy-Go

    Reading that made me laugh til I had actual mirth weeps. And I nearly wet myself. Which is a problem because I am in my truck on the way back from SC…anyway, it also reminded me I miss you. Lunch. Soon. Don’t say no.

  • “Considered off putting”. Hee.