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Zomgah! It’s a VLOG!

Best. Review quote. Ever.: “A sizzling chunk of Southern Gothic…But it’s not only the nail-biting, sinuous plot that gives the book, to quote one of its characters, “a hundred different kinds of pure, naked crazy.” It’s the way Jackson writes, like a woman whose hair is on fire, batting at the flames with one hand while scribbling like mad with the other.” – Atlanta Journal Constitution

I may have to tattoo that on my butt. HEY LOOK IT IS THE BUTTON! Only 12 days left to press it and participate in virtual book tour, supporting me AND one of my favorite indies. They are so cool—the tour event in Birmingham is a benefit for a local women’s shelter called First Light and this is just reason 2,458,213 why I wish that The Alabama Booksmith had lips, so I could KISS it on them.

I am running out the door, heading for ASHEVILLE. I will be at Malaprops tonight at 7 PM, so if you are a NC type, please join me there.

In lieu of a traditional blog, yesterday I went all over Atlanta using “making a commercial” as an excuse for shopping, assisted by the brilliant amateur cinematographer and professional business writer Alan Deutschman. I am sorry the editing of the vlog thing is UNPERFECT. A LOVELY WOMAN at the online publicity department at Hachette offered to edit this if I mailed her all the footage, but I am trying to learn to do it myself, so please be gentle in your filmly criticisms!

20 comments to Zomgah! It’s a VLOG!

  • JenniferG

    Great Vlog! I pushed the button like the first day it appeared. The prize packages are wonderful, you are so very kind and thoughtful and good to your fans. Did you get anything for yourself on this shopping trip?

  • Aimee

    How fun! I’m loving the Vlogs. Like JenniferG, I pushed the button LONG ago and am now just anxiously gnawing on various things as I wait in restless anticipation for the arrival of my copy of Backseat Saints.

    The prize packages are so deliciously enticing. I know I won’t win one, but they sure are nice!

    Oh, and I see Scott’s point about the t-shirt. It is sort of cat-intestine-y. And yet I, too, like it.

  • Brigitte

    Cat-intestine-y indeed. But there are many “fashions” I wear that my own hubby hates as well, so I can’t diss it too much!

    Hubby lets me make Paypal purchases online, but it is verboten for me to make credit purchases. Phooey.

  • Zoe

    Woman, you are SHAMELESS. LOL “Push the button, indeed.” As if I could resist.

  • dramamama

    nice cameo of goodcat there…..

  • dramamama

    (see, i may have made someone go back and look again…..)

  • Jill W.

    Love it! How fun!

  • pam

    Really good video. I’m impressed all over the place.

  • That was cute. Loved the end, especially! 🙂

  • Love the vlog! and of course I pushed the button!

  • JMixx

    Ee! I did not push the button because I am planning to BUY BUY BUY Backseat Saints tomorrow at the Blue Ridge Book Fest at the Flat Rock Community College in Hendersonville!! I was hoping to make it to Malaprop’s tonight, but it wasnt’ in the cards.

    Hope it went great! I am looking forward to meeting you and getting you to sign my copy of your book!!!

    What a good vacation.


  • Tenessa

    I loveloveloveLOVE it! Why is it that vlogs seem so much more invasive than blogs? When blogs seem to hold more personality? **shrug** But I love both your blog and your vlog! You rule the world!

  • Haley

    You are in big trouble (with my cookie craving, anyway). You are in front of the Alon’s sign and now all I can think about are Alon’s double chocolate chunk cookies (I am in love with them. I want to marry these cookies, and I am not usually a chocolate cookie person) and a garlic roasted lamb sandwich. Now I am going to have to drive an hour to get some.

  • Stephanie

    Warning to all hoping to see Joshilyn on tour: If Loretta Lynn is singing in your city, give yourself an extra hour to park. Otherwise you might miss Joshilyn reading like I did last night :sniff:. At least I got to meet our lovely heroine who graciously inscribed my book while I gabbled like a star-struck loon. I suspect the two year old strapped to my back was a better conversationalist. Sorry Joshilyn! What I meant to say was: Thanks for sharing your life with us on the internet. Your writing makes me both think and laugh out loud. Well done!

  • JMixx

    Hee! You and me both, Stephanie. I attended the Blue Ridge Book Fest today, and spent WAY too MUCH time just hanging around yapping at Joshilyn like a cartoon terrier. “Ya want I should get an extra chair? How about a cuppa coffee? Wouldja like that? A nice cuppa? How about a cat intestine? Onna shirt?” Ahem. However, as Stephanie noted, Ms. Jackson is very gracious indeed. (She only ran when she saw me coming once!) (Kidding! Kidding! She was the very soul of courtesy.)

    And Joss, just out of curiosity, did you buy that shirt BEFORE or AFTER the arrival of The Scurrilous Orange Teardrop Cat, Boggart? One of the things I do best is be a psychologist. Pardon me, but I think you might have spilled some symbolism on your shirt just there.

  • Jennifer SHUSH you were lovely and quite gracious to keep me company and I LOVE MY FARMERS MARKET BAG. That I am not going to put fruit in. Or vegetables. Lest it get dirty. Let’s call it a BOOK bag. I will put nice clean BOOKS in it. It is too pretty to risk ruin with produce.

  • JMixx

    Point 1: I knit compulsively.

    Point 2: I have clothed myself, all of my family members, and most of my friends in scarves, socks, sweaters, etc etc. Most of them say, “I will have to be careful with this, because you worked so hard on it!”

    Point 3: I feel odd making another scarf, sweater, etc, for someone if they have a largely unused one at home already. I mean, what if “I will have to be careful with this…” is code for “I hate it and it will never see the light of day again”? Ergo, things need to be USED, and eventually WORN OUT, so that I can knit more. Otherwise, I have to continually find new kinds of projects. My careful family and friends may be responsible for the creation of the very first internal combustion engine knitted entirely from worsted-weight cotton.

    Point 4: Cotton is machine-washable. And dry-able (on low heat).

    Point 5: I LOVE MY NEW BOOK, which is fresh and warm from the printer’s oven. So far it has been delicious, and I plan to enjoy it without worrying about whether my eyeballs are soiling its pristine pages.
    ]\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ <–Itty Fitty, AKA The Evil Cat-Beast, just strolled across my keyboard. This is her comment. She is not very brainy; this is probably why she has not conquered the world. Or even the living room.

    All this just to say: It was lovely meeting you. Thank you for sharing your world and the people in your head. Please accept a small token of thanks and use it, whether it gets dirty or not.


  • Your voice is higher than I would have thought. I dunno why but I imagined you more alto. 🙂

  • Love the vlog. . .

  • You are so dang cute!!