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Immediate Thwartage!

So instead of the plan, I am having bronchitis and all manner of mucus infestations, throat pain, frog croakage, and general physical decay. So much for saying yes to friends or starting a Bible study. Definately no yoga, absolutely no fruit. Maybe even LESS fruit than no fruit.

That sounds physically impossible, but I FEEL that I managed to eat NEGATIVE amounts of fruit via my amazing fruit-hate-powers that this disease is giving me. All fruit sounds about as delicious as battery acid to my swollen throaty bits. I like PLAIN foods with NO salts or acids, thanks!

In other words, there has been very little of PLAN IN ACTION. There has been mainly soup and flopping about and putrid whining and watching copious amounts of television. I will start the plan….um, when I can get out of bed.

Here is what good I HAVE managed as I hack up lung particles and blink glassy-eyed at telly, a lot of it BBC telly, which explains the pretentious use of the word telly:

I am praying. Non-snottily. This alone feels watersheddy.

I am GOING to say yes to a LOT of friends this weekend at the Salem Lit Fest. A TON of the superfriends from my dsexy group blog, The Lipstick Chronicles will be on hand. First I need to say yes to a lot of Antibiotics, but yeah.

I ate green beans and baked fish with a cilantro aioli and a slice of homemade bread for dinner.

I am NOTICING blog worthy things to tell you about. I have my eyes peeled for unexpected, awful bloggy joys. For example, this:

I have no response to that, she said Meg Ryanishly. Actually I have SEVERAL THOUSAND responses to that, banging open in my brain like POPPYCORNS blooming, but none are very ladylike. The main thing here is, I NOTICED IT. So. Step forward, yes?

Also, I am hacking diseased phlegmlings all OVER this entry, so if you catch it and have to do the bed-glassy-eyed-tellystare thing, I have a show for you enjoy on the Netflix, assuming you haven’t divorced them over the Quikster debacle: SHERLOCK!

The first episode is REALLY wonderful. I love how they did WATSON.

Watson is underutilized in the next two—-they stepped BACK from his character development to concentrate on Sherlock. I get that. He is insanely charismatic and delightful to watch… but even so, swapping the unevenly focus onto him for the sake of a running gag where Watson misses the fight action… this was a BIG mistake.

It was Fascinating when they were equally broken in different ways, and when Watson’s soldier history had a psycho-twist to it. The second two eps are entertaining, but the first ep is FANTASTIC. It’s on Netflix. I hope they get more Watsonny again in series 2.

25 comments to Immediate Thwartage!

  • JenniferG

    Nothing can thwart plans like bronchitis! I usually get it about the time I get into a workout routine that is starting to work. But, the antibiotics will have you up and running just in time for Salem and friends and kick you right back into your plan.

    I totally second the Sherlock recommendation – it IS fantastic. Also good for illness? Carson Kressley on Dancing with the Stars.

  • Aack! I am missing ALL THE FUN THINGS this weekend in Mass because I am heading to exotic South Dakota to visit my in-laws. Boo! (Not for in-laws, who are very nice, but for fun things I am missing.)

    I have been eye-ing Sherlock in my queue, I will definitely have to watch it. Sounds worthwhile.

  • Leandra

    But didn’t the 3rd ep totally blow you away? I did NOT see that coming. I am so in love with this series it’s pathetic. I’m normally all SHERLOCKSHERLOCKSHERLOCK but this time I’m all about the Watson. Love him!!

    I may be stepping on toes here, and I apologize if you’ve already addressed this, and maybe this resembles too much “growing as a person” but have you ever tried to figure out WHY you have THE SAD. I mean, I’m sure you HAVE, but does that play any role in your new plan? Because usually if I can figure out the why, then that helps me with my plan.

  • I just discovered SHERLOCK about 2 weeks ago. Now I just need more episodes.

    I don’t know if this helps, but I’m a fan who really likes your books, and I particularly enjoy the audio versions that you read. I occasionally hear negative remarks about authors who read their own books for the audio, and I always think that the negative person obviously has not listened to you. Best wishes.

  • Yes, many, many more episodes of Sherlock. I watched all the available ones over a month ago, and it is past time for NEW ones. Not that I’m demanding or anything.

    I suppose pumpkin is a vegetable, not a fruit, or you could have yummy pumpkin soup and call it eating fruit, thereby giving the bronchitis-inspired twhwartage of the plan the finger.

  • Genevieve

    I started Sherlock on a day when my Mental Illness Number was too high for the opening bit of a sad man alone in a room — I will fast forward past that and go right to when the dialogue starts.

    May I suggest watermelon? Mildest fruit on earth, no acids, very mellow and half water anyway. It’s the only fruit I want when I’m really sick. Or Scott could blenderize it up for you.

    I’m trudging my way through the SAD so reading you is helpful on that front.

    Feel better soon.

  • Kathy

    Beaming all kinds of good wishes, vitaminy, non-germy, chicken soupy, get-well-soon things your way.

  • rams

    AND Watson is going to be Bilbo Baggins, and in Love, Actually, played the sweet p*r*o*n standin. The combination created one tiny, shiny happy-unit, about the size of a grain of salt, but *sparkly!

  • Em

    I think starting things on Mondays is so predictable. I think it is smart to choose a different day. I hope you are feeling well and receptive of fruit again very soon. Lastly, SALEM! YEAH! Maybe I will bring my book loving, writer wannabe 9 year old to show her how real ladies really truly get to write for their job (and get to be gushed over by fan girls like myself).

  • Bridget

    That gives you 2 days to get (somewhat)better so…
    drink your fluids, get your rest and tackle those amazing books you picked up at DBF.

  • Lulu

    Tropical JambaJuice + rum* = fruit therapy = Win!
    (*Apparently you’ll have to add your own rum. Jamba’ll add all those other chemical “boosts” but not the winning shot…)

    As for that horrid Hostess “product”? Ewww. That can’t be good for any body.

  • Is it possible that you get depressed when you’re about to get sick? I ask because it happens to me. I’ll be feeling fine, then whammo! an oh-life-is-hopeless-the-only-response-is-copious-weeping fit takes me for a couple of days. And then I get sick. But I am no longer depressed.

  • <3

    That's to you AND Watson.

  • Okay, first, I have to say it: Optimus Prime has blue (Hostess) balls? That’s just wrong on so many levels. I mean, even the placement of the “Win $25,000” thingie is suggestive. Or do I just have an unclean mind?

    Now, rest, fluids, think healthy thought so you can practice thinking positive thoughts, and get well soon.

    Oh, and Sherlock is awesome. As is Watson.

  • liz

    I will rethink bringing chocolate to Salem and bring hand sanitizer in S’more scent for you instead, so that your sad immune system does not come home with more germs. (I will not be bringing neon blue hostess balls. Just saying.)

  • gillian

    applesauce is a fruit and I find it goes down nice and easy when i am assaulted by bronchitis or sinusitis or any-itis

  • “I have no response to that.” The Megster in Joe vs. the Volcano! I loved that movie.

    Feel better now. (Now is better than soon.)

  • Brigitte

    Sandi: unclean! Unclean! Hee, hee, hee!

    Ugh, had my antibiotics for bronchitis weeks ago. It helped the worst parts, like the gummed-up eyes and fever, but I STILL have a cough and a blocked ear and sniffles. Despite taking Allegra and Sudafed. Wah. And also, WAH.

  • Ugh! I am leaving MA just as you and your awesome friends are arriving! Ah well, let the real MA residents enjoy your presence.

    And kudos on The Plan … that’s what worked for me (that and huge doses of Beachiness. Now it’s an annual prescription.)

    (((Hugs!))) cause I can’t get sick from here. 😉

  • Aimee

    Have you heard the clip of Benedict Cumberbatch doing his impression of Alan Rickman singing Candle in the Wind? It is THE AWESOME.

    Feel better soon!

  • JulieB

    We loaned our DVD of Sherlock out and it never came home. We will NOT do that again. Hope you can breathe soon. 🙂

  • We watched that series as a family and fell in love with it in a big way. Also, Joe versus the Volcano is one of the movies we quote from all the time. “Brain cloud” came up just last night, as a matter of fact.

    Hope you feel better soon. And the weekend sounds amazing.

  • JMixx

    I was going to say what Nancy said. The same thing happens to me; I feel inexplicably blue, and start worrying about the Big D, and then the congestion and sore throat and hacking start, and I’m all, “Oh! I’m *physically ill*! No wonder I was experiencing malaise!” And then I go happily off to bed with medicine and sleep for days until I am well-er.

    And if you are SICK, then having soup and flopping about and staring at television, and spending a little time with the only One who cannot possibly catch your bug, is precisely what you SHOULD be doing. And if you had begun galloping about and working out and all, you might well have ended up sicker; when I wear myself out, the sickies are invariably worse. YAY YOU! You have instinctively done the EXACT RIGHT THING, and you rock!

    *pet pet petting internet hair in a comforting and not creepy way*

  • Carmen

    Hope you’re feeling all betters! I agree about “Sherlock”…the first episode was thisclose to perfect. I,too, want more Watson but I am gigantically crushing on Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch. I just love saying his whole entire name.

  • Les in AZ

    I hope your feeling better! Relax and get well – you can start on the other stuff LATER 🙂