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This I Like

I am in a funk. BLERRRRG. Scott has been out of town for a week, is why, so I am EXHAUSTED. When he goes away, my regulation insomnia becomes Insomnia Double Plus Plus.

I am unpleasant.

I do not bathe.

The potted basil looks droopy and instead of getting the hose I think at it, “OH WAH, Cry, why don’t you, and hope your tears can water your OWN dern roots.”

I say things mean things to cat. (I say them in a NICE voice, so he doesn’t KNOW I am saying mean things. But I know. And they are meaner even then what I say to the basil.)

When I am like this, I do not like me, and SCOTT JUST LANDED IN ATLANTA!!! LALALALA!

SO. I am going to count my weird blessings to rattle myself out of it so I can get in the shower and smell nice and tell the cat nicer things and be the sort of person one WANTS to come home to… HENCE! THIS I LIKE!

This I Like: Jessica. I like Jessica. She won one of the little Fox dolls in my recent Spread the Word campaign thing, sent me a picture of her new home. HOW COOL IS SHE?

This I like: The ways in which Domino’s Pizza has gone full scale nuclear death war against Pizza Hut and Papa John’s and the other quasi-gross delivery pizzas. First they went to war by making their pizza suck SO MUCH LESS than it used to suck. It also now sucks MILES less than its competitors, and yes, yes I am damning it with faint praise, BUT STILL, there IS faint praise there.

(I am an admitted pizza snob. I am willing to have it half as often so I can justify spending twice as much to get a house pesto one from the good local place.)

If I cave to the children and order quasi-gross delivery pizza, I ALWAYS order Domino’s these days. Not ONLY because the pizza is better, but because you can watch the progress. The online ticker machine tells you stage by stage what is happening and who did what. AND NOW! BEST OF ALL! You can CHOOSE A THEME.

I ordered it last night in a fit of desperation because Scott was out of town, and I chose the ROMANCE NOVEL theme (probably, if one is being strictly honest, ALSO in a fit of desperation because Scott was out of town.)

See how it is all PINKLY INFUSED WITH DARKLING MAUVE and KISSING people, and it made Trilling Music when I chose it. Best of ALL, during the transitions, a throaty Latino MAN would talk to me, a man who sounded like (but probably was not) Antonio Banderas, and he would say romatical pizza things to me.

Like, when it went in the oven, he said, “I am baking your pizza! I am baking your pizza with the fires of my passion!”

This makes me want to order MORE quasi-gross delivery pizza so I can try MORE themes. WELL PLAYED, DOMINOS. WELL PLAYED.

This I Like: Re-Blogged From Dan Meth.

I am trying to decide which one I am, but I think I may well be THREE of them. My tail fell off, my ancestor is Trespassers William, I could VERY easily stick in my own front door these days…pass the scrips.

This I Like: Bourbon. If you follow me on twitter you know I recently had a pretty serious falling out with Vodka. We utterly divorced, and I began seeing Moose Tricks (you may know him as Buffalo Trace.) And I LIKE Moose Tricks, btu I wanted a broader snobbier, palette. SO! I recently ordered a BOURBON TASTING flight at a pool hall Decatur, and when they brought it, it was not so much a “flight” as a “trip to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.” LOOK AT IT:

GOOD LORD. This is not a flight you want to FINISH, is what I am saying. I took a few sips of each in a round robin until my blood started to feel like it was made of molten iron. I STOPPED flighting (and the next day received a lovely fruit bouquet from my appreciative liver), but I did get a good feel for them. MY fave was the light and delicious Basil Hayden and Scott’s was the raw, red, cowboy-style Bulliet, which I ranked second, eben though they were OPPOSITES. I quite liked Knob Creek and Booker, but Baker’s tastes like rat medicine. AWFUL rat medicine. Your sick rat might sniff at it and choose death.

OKAY SO HELP ME ME OUT, oh My Best Beloveds. Can you hook me up— Link me or tell me —to some thisses YOU like. I need a bigger list to triumph over ALL THIS GRUMP I HAVE. My poor maligned cat will thank you.

41 comments to This I Like

  • I, too, love the Domino’s tracker. There is one far too close to my new place. Dangerous.

    Also, this is probably eons old in interwebs time, but this is amusing me this morning as I desperately search for amusement.

    How Many Justin Biebers Could You Take in a Fight?

  • I like soaking up summer. Eating tons of tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, and strawberries.

    I like Trader Joes. So many delicious things I didn’t know I needed.

    I like seeing seeing your book as the book club pick from books a million.

    I like reading magazines.

    I like you and your blog.

    I like fluffy kitties.

  • JulieB

    We have had sleep-with-your-windows-open weather, and today when drank my morning coffee a locust played a wonderful razzy-jazzy clickety tap song. It is still chirping along 3+ hours later, revving up and fading back.

  • JulieB

    Actually, it’s not chirpy, it’s buzzy.

  • This I Like: Star Trek – The Next Gen. I missed it when it was on but thanks to the glory that is Netflix and my reasonably treky boyfriend I am loving it.

    This I Like: QC, a super awesome webcomic by Jeff Jaques http://www.questionablecontent.net

    This I Like: The Get Out of There, Cat tumblr. http://getoutoftherecat.tumblr.com/

  • jeanette

    This is like: There was a new post on my favorite blog today!

  • This I like…being in a position to buy my first condo when the rest of the world is in financial hell.

    This I like…summer days that are mild and non-humid, with sunshine and breezes off Lake Michigan.

    This I like…three day weekends from Memorial Day until September 30th (Mind you, I put in forty hours the other four days of the week, but still!)

    These I like…dry white wine, dark chocolate, dangly earrings and hearing people laugh.

  • Here is a website for you and your poor liver to wander through. Everyone needs Hungover Owls. http://hungoverowls.tumblr.com/

  • jennya

    Basil Hayden for the win. Yes.

  • Kristi Lafoon

    This I like: 30th Birthday parties; Fiesta themed birthday parties; Margaritas in a bottle; friends; new outfits; awesome little brothers…how long of a list can I write?

  • stacey

    Donuts filled with pudding– two yummy treats in one!

    Afternoon and evening thunderstorms in the desert. And the under 100 degree temperatures they bring!

  • 1. I like being at a condo on the beach with no children an a man who does not complain that all I want to do is sit on the balcony & read for hours while I listen to the waves. I’ve plowed thru three novels (including gods in Alabama for the fourth time, since I finally convinced my new book club to read it) and started on novel #4.

    2. I like that I will have my children back from visiting their father (expletives deleted) in three days; because even though the time without them has been relaxing & rejuvenating, my heart & arms are beginning to ache from lack of little boy snuggles. I’m even beginning to miss the teenager were rolls. Maybe.

    3. I’m sort of on love with Pixel of Ink and it’s ability to find me free & cheap Kindle books.

  • I like the little button that says “Be the first of your friends to like this” because it’s a challenge I can’t pass by…

    I like that my children are at this very moment eating their girled cheese sandwiches together in a fort of my own making, despite their five year age gap.

    I like that it’s not ten years ago when on this very day I was on day two of annoying contractions and it would still be almost 24 hours before my son was born.

    I like that people liked my recent blog posts because it makes being honest and real a lot more fun.

    I like the fact that I’m going to have another JJ book to read soon!!

  • I dislike that I am typing on my phone and don’t always see the stupid typos until after I post my comment. *sigh*

  • OH, things I like

    1) http://www.labouquetiere.com/store/index.php
    It is the best lotions and soaps and smells. I LOVE IT. Yes, it is a bit pricey so far as lotions and body washes go, but IT IS SO WORTH IT. AND, it lasts FOREVER!

    2) http://generalhilarity.tumblr.com/post/1123670512/how-to-eat-ramen-like-a-boss
    Because I am all over the hilarity

    3) reading. Just reading. I love reading. I love books. I read mostly fantasy, but I love to read ANYTHING

    4) http://www.thedailyshow.com/
    Again with the hilarity. Because somebody has to find the humor in the awful in DC.

    5) http://wouldashoulda.com/
    I know you know her cause I clickied on her for the first time from this blog right here! But she is HILARIOUS and I, too, have an aspie. So, you know, I relate…in a non-creepy kind of way.

    6) http://www.joshilynjackson.com/ftk
    Oh! HAI! Did that link back here? Well, I LIKE this place.

    All in one shot, can you believe it? Read an article in some magazine, or something, but it was some years ago so I don’t really remember. Still, cool commercial.

    8) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IISaqrS_XpQ
    This whole soundtrack is spectacular. It’s good for just clearing my head and relaxing. The movie is one of my favorites, too.

    There’s more, but that’s probably plenty to be going on with.

  • All I can say is that is a LOT of alcohol there at the end. Jehoshaphat!!! I know NOT of the Dominoes ticker, and I am now buying Pizza Hut almost exclusively, because I can get a large Pepperoni lovers pan for $10. Although some hottie cooking my pizza with the fires of his passion is pretty tempting. As far as the Winnie the Pooh scrips ID–BWAH HA HA.

    I hope by now you smell nice and are in the arms of your one true love.

  • Lizzy

    I like that I single-handedly defended the house from an ant invasion… (I didn’t like them getting in, but there is a therapeutic aspect to crushing all those tiny bugs…)

    I like that I made and ate a ton of pie.

    I like YOU Joshilyn! XD

  • Lulu

    I like having a cooler full of ice and cold beer that we just brought back from Canada.

    I like getting off at the end of the workday and heading home to putter around in the yard and being surprised again that I have a cooler full of ice and cold beer that we just brought home from Canada.

    I really like that I did not need to drink all that cold beer while still in Canada at a family reunion.

  • Chrissa

    I like blog entries that leave a grin on my face despite the demands of squeaky, desperate dogs who are not allowed in the computer room (after eating plugs & the corner of a desk).

    I like reading real books curled up under said dogs in the afternoon.

    I like pizza with anchovies that reminds me of my dad.

    I like planning for another round of sunflowers and the birds and bees that follow.

    Now I’m in a better mood. 🙂

  • I have another, that just made me laugh out loud at my desk: http://www.cakewrecks.com/home/2011/8/11/hes-proud-to-be-an-american.html

    And I like this blog post, written by my own awesome and amazing husband who makes me want to take showers and not be rabid as well: http://greeninkedits.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/diary-of-a-freelancer-008-words-words-words/

  • This I like: I completed a 12 mile training walk today, in practice for the Komen 60 mile walk in Atl in October and I can still walk, no real aches and no blisters 🙂

    This I like: because of said walk above I can now have beer with dinner and not have to worry about my weight watchers tracker seeing it!

  • Lori B.

    I like finding out I’m not the only grumpy wife waiting for her hubby to get home from being out of town.
    I like that I will never again volunteer for VBS and overnight camp two weeks in a row.
    I like that I am getting over my horrible virus.
    I LOVE that my hubby just pulled into my driveway and my kids are screaming their heads off with glee!!!

  • Mir

    HAAAAA! I just finished blogging about 5 things I like today, but this post is now number 6. Lord, the pizza thing made me giggle madly and then the Pooh RX made me outright guffaw.

  • This I like: my grandchildren, my beautiful lovely hysterically funny sweet as pumpkin pie grandchildren. Who I can love on and play with and adore and then send back to the parents to do the day to day maintenance work of raising.

    This I like: my chihuahuas, who think the sun rises and sets around me.

    This I like: my hubby (95% of the time, which is a pretty good percentage all things considering)

    This I like: iced coffees and fresh homemade smoothies with two great flavor ideas – pumpkin and cinnamon, or banana and peanut butter – and I like gazpacho and fruit salads and all manner of summer type meals including grazing fresh out of the garden.

    This I like: being reminded to come and read your blog and smile and giggle. Life is deliciously but doggedly busy these days.

    This I like: That I could go on and on and on with thousands of likes and not run out of gratitudes.

  • Jessica

    I like that I’m liked, for one thing! 😀 But I suppose that doesn’t help you much. Except to say that you are very much liked in return. (But pretend I didn’t say that. I kind of mumbled it to make sure it didn’t make you uncomfortable.)

    I like this Maru video. (It’s my favorite.)

    I like that I’m not the only one who’s said murderous things to a cat in a sweet tone of voice. It fools the cat every. single. time.

    I like that it’s Love Thursday over at Mir’s blog, and she has things that made her smile today. It’s like she’s answering your request in blog form!

    I like that every time I walk out my front door, I see the beauty of greenery and Lake Superior. (Sadly, I don’t live anywhere fancy. I just live up on the hill in my city where I can look down upon that particular beauty.)

    I like that it looks like the Foxy Lady is guarding the secrets of her book in that picture. (I like that you cropped out the books on the right, and I don’t know why I didn’t do that myself before sending it!)

    I like that while I was out having coffee at a new coffee place with a friend, my husband was cleaning up dust in our house and vacuuming, so I wouldn’t have to deal with my severe dust allergy when I got home.

    I like cookies. and cake. and pie. Okay, I like sweets. There, I’ve gotten that off my chest. I really like ice cream, too…

    I like that my local farmer’s market has the best apple-grape jelly in the entire world.

    I like that (thanks to Pottermore) I am no longer to be considered a muggle, as last Thursday my name was written in the book of magical people by the magic quill. (I have pictures to prove it! And now I can’t wait to get my invite to read all the updates. Yeah, it’s the little things.)

    I like it that my favorite band, which has been “dead” for almost ten years has something brewing on their website (which was also “dead” for quite a long time until it suddenly revived earlier this summer). What does the countdown mean? Ah, something to look forward to.

    I like that I could take 22 Biebers in a fight. (Thanks, Jess!)

    I like that my husband and I now say to each other, “I am baking your pizza with the fires of my passion,” complete with accent — whenever we think of it. (This will go on for a few days. And my husband now reminds me of Puss in Boots when he says it.)

    I like that you love your husband enough to miss him songs-ful of dirges when he is away. (I would be like that, too.)

  • Jessica

    Oh man, Mir beat me to it! 😉

  • My ex-Dominoes manager hubby got a kick out of this.

  • I like fresh ice cold watermelon with a little salt sprinkled on it.

    I like thinking about the first cold snap while sitting in front of the air conditioner vent.

    I like planning mini vacations into my upcoming book tour.

    I like the sound of the school bus on the first morning back to school after a long, hot summer.

    I like the beaches on St. Simons Island.

    I like the touring Sapelo Island.

    I like writing about what I like because it pulls me out of this ‘poor me’ place.

  • CJ

    I like laughing out loud to FTK while at work and making people wonder what I’m up to.

    I like every JJ book so far.

    I like learning about the Domino’s pizza tracker, which I just might try out even though the first taste test of the “new, improved” pizza ended with my son in a very Bagel-like state of poo-ness, followed by a terrible diaper rash. We’ll give him breadsticks, maybe, or slip in some Digiorno. But he can watch the pizza tracker, unless it’s PG13 or something.

    I like http://damnyouautocorrect.com

    I like the Maryland Renaissance Festival http://www.rennfest.com/

    I like wine.

    I like sunshine and running and the beach and hearing my kids laugh and when my husband comes home from being away, too.

  • Beth R

    I like:

    How cool it feels when the thermometer doesn’t get above 90 degrees for the first time in weeks.

    Fresh tomatoes from the farmers market.

    Getting to snuggle my neighbor’s dog (no pets of my own… sniff)

    And the watermelon this season – YUMMMM!!!!

  • Kathy

    I like a brand new box of crayons or pencils or pens and a clean sheet of good paper. I like good sturdy cardboard boxes. I like laughing so hard I cry. I like playing with my grandson. I like Bath & Body Works Toasted Hazelnut lotion (which they don’t make anymore of course). I like quilts. I like dogs AND cats. I like being silly.

  • edj

    This I like: seeing all your books lined up like that, and knowing there’s a new one coming. No seriously.
    I like it when my students cancel ESL class cuz they’re traveling and I get to sleep in!
    I like summer in Oregon, where the nights are still cool and there’s almost always a breeze, and it’s beautiful and the blueberries are so thick and plentiful they hang in clusters like grapes.

  • JMixx

    This I like: The way the fresh, cool, smooth sheets feel on the first night after I change them. And the way they smell.

    And this too: Thick, fluffy, white towels that smell faintly of bleach.

    This: I took an entire week of “vacation” earlier this summer tearing my house *apart*, sorting nearly everything I own, and donating two carloads of stuff I don’t use any more to the Goodwill. Then sorting, organizing, and getting creative “redecorating” on the cheap. And now my home STAYS tidy. It’s organized so that stuff is stored near where it’s used, so it gets put away immediately and I don’t have to spend weekends picking up clutter and putting it away.

    This too: The joy that my little dog, Echo, shows when I take her for her daily walk. The first thing that she does when we leave the sidewalk and head off across the lawn of my condo complex is gallop around me full-tilt, little feet thundering. As we walk the perimeter of the property, she has periodic bursts of enthusiasm, and takes off around me again. When we get to the lake at the edge of the property, there is usually a breeze coming across the lake, and it is the perfect place to sit down for a few minutes and watch turtles, fish catching their dinner at the surface, lots of species of birds, beavers, muskrats, ducks, and geese. It’s the quietest time of my day.

  • Jill Sturgeon

    I like being 50 and not caring what people think about just about anything! I sing to songs in the grocery store and sometimes start to dance – quirky? who cares – I am fifty and proud of it!

    I love seeing my daughter grow up and mature into a precious, strong young lady at 14. I love that she loves school and learning and is confident in her nerdiness!

    I love seeing my students excited about learning or a particular piece of literature.

    I love purring cats in my lap!

    I love Reese’s peanut butter cups, a great, fresh salad, a loaded baked potato, cheesecake from a NYC deli, WICKED, the musical, Mary Poppins, Raggedy Ann dolls, and BOOKS!

  • Natalie

    This: Sundays in which I let my husband cook a wonderful dinner full of the things that I don’t let myself eat the rest of the week with ice cream for dessert 🙂

  • Kim

    I just found a new This I Like today: Book the Brick! I’m so bidding on 1 hour with you and Susan Rebecca White at the Brick Store during DBF.

  • Donna

    I like that many, many are eating Domino’s Pizza! Why? Because my husband makes all your crustseses. That’s right, they make them and ship them out all over the country. Go Domino’s!

  • This I like: I took a little road trip up to my old hometown for a wedding, and I like audiobooks for road trips…and I took Backseat Saints and if I hadn’t had to, yknow, STEER, I’d have been on the edge of my seat. You did GOOD, lady. Your characters were complex and sympathetic and the action was go go go but there was still emotional honesty, and, um, I love you. *ahem*

    *toddles off to do homework now…this I do not like so much*

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    First — I am feeling bad because I won one of your wonderful Fox dolls and did not send you a picture of anything. I do not have a new home, but I will send you a picture of my Fox doll placed right under my computer screen next to a piece of paper with an encouraging note that you sent to me about forming a posse….

    I love swimming in Lake Michigan, diving down to the bottom and just hanging out with the world silenced for a minute or two.

    I like my dogs. They are goofy and loving and worth any trouble that comes with them.

    I like Milka chocolate that my hubby brings me from Prague.

    I like sports movies. I don’t know what it is, but it must be something about the work-hard for the right reasons and you will win more than just a game them that usually runs through those movies. I Especially like Remember The Titans and For The Love of the Game.