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4 Things, Almost Entirely Unrelated

1) Dear Book Page, I <3 You. Love, Me.

AAAANnnnnd it’s a beautiful day for a pre-order. JUST SAYIN’. I’ll get pre-order links up on the sidebar this weekend, and by *I* here we all know I mean Scott, but you could be the SEXIEST pre-order-er of all by intrepidly choosing your OWN venue and making the click-magic happen.

I think you will like this book, if you like my stuff. It is … very close to me. A little too close, maybe? It’s a FUN book, I will say that, in spite of my kind of darkness getting into it, unstoppable, that under-stuff, deadly little secrets getting dug up— you know how I am—- but after pouring what felt like half my blood into writing BACKSEAT SAINTS I needed to ROMP and BE JOYOUS.

This is my JOYOUS ROMP book.

2) My husband LOVES COMIC CON. He has never been, but every year he can’t wait to see all the pictures and videos from it. It is in San Diego and his SISTER lives in San Diego and it is in SUMMER when the kids are not at school, and yet, it has never occurred to him that maybe we should GO…

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, Painted by Andy Walker, produced by REAPER MINIATURES

I bet I would get a great blog out of it. The pictures alone! Imagine the resulting VLOG! if I found my FLIP phone video camera thing, which I cannot, because it is currently residing in a secret place I put it to not lose it.

I distinctly remember finding it lying facedown, probably drunk (the camera, not the FINDER), at the bottom of my closet under a heap of dirty laundry and thinking, “I should PUT THIS AWAY SOMEPLACE. I should put it IN A GOOD PLACE FOR IT TO BE.”

So far, evidence leads me to believe I ripped a hole in the fabric of space-time and put it carefully away in a cabinet in another dimension, so UNFINDABLE have I rendered it in my ill conceived notion to be organized. Had I left it ON THE FLOOR OF THE CLOSET UNDER THE LAUNDRY I would know exactly where it was right now, wouldn’t I?


I have learned a valuable lesson from this which is, I should throw all my expensive techno crap into a heap in the middle of the floor, because at least I can find it there later.

This video has some adult language in it, and so does the fantastic blog I found it on, but it captures the comic-connish spirit, though it was shot at the London one. Watching it makes me want to go!

3) In a secretly quasi-related thing, my niece is going with my brother – a hot shot sculptor in the gaming world – to GEN CON. She is gorgeous, leggy, blonde, and 17, and hereby forbidden to wear a chain mail bikini.

4) Lydia Netzer (yes, THAT Lydia, the one over there in the links list, Lydia the space cowgirl, the bold inventor of Braided Honey Loaf, unapologetic scarf-wearer, long-time-ago parking lot creeper, and known genius) said in the comments on the last entry:

First, I can tell that you are in the throes of drafting a novel from the way you are writing blog posts. Especially this one. It’s a GOOD thing, I can hear your novel spilling out.

She says the tone of my blog changes in the weeks when I am blurting out dreadful heaps and piles of tumbled words that, hopefully, ONE DAY, if I can stay off the opium and out of the nervous hospital, will be revised into an actual BOOK. She doesn’t just mean I blog LESS, although, yeah, of course I blog less when the book starts to eat big bites out of my writing brain. She means the blog changes.

I would love to beg to differ, but the thing is, whenever she clocks me on it, SHE IS CORRECT. She will send me a little note that says I CAN TELL FROM THE BLOG YOU ARE DRAFTING, and I will be drafting. Maybe it is TONE? Some manic point in the loon-making draft process? Do you see a difference?

I don’t see it, but I can’t deny that all this week I have been wading hip deep in stinking word piles of my own making. LORD, I hate drafting. The raw material one must generate, the building block of the novel, it is some stinky, pungent, embarrassing stuff.

And yet I am deeply, deeply in love with these people now….which begs the question, why am I SHOOTING at them?

Answer: Because it is fun.

Question for you: can you tell I am drafting? Is the blog different to you, or just the Spidey Senses of my loveyoulongtime Biffle?

25 comments to 4 Things, Almost Entirely Unrelated

  • The only thing I got out of this post was the phrase “beautiful day for a pre-order” SHALALALALALALALA YAYYY!!!!!!! Done and done and done. HALLELUJAH!

  • Beth R

    I am nowhere near as good at it as Lydia, but as soon as she says it, it’s totally obvious. Joss is drafting!!! And there’s pre-orders!

    Yay Books!

  • What I hear is adrenalin rush. . .your voice gets faster. . .I READ your blog faster when you have posts like this. There is no (or very little) pause for breath in your writing or in my reading of your writing. So this is drafting.

    Hallelujah!!! That can only mean WONDERFUL blog posts AND another novel on its way!!!

  • rams

    When you’re drafting the whites show all around your virtual eyes. Of course we can tell. And it makes us happy (being ruthless bitches.)

  • DebR

    I love that song sooooo very much & that video is better than the real video (which I like mostly, but the parts where Pink is supposed to be doing the horizontal bop with various religious leaders are very cringe-y for me). I will be watching this version again!!

    Are you doing the Alabama Booksmith book-signing gig (I first typed book-SINGING gig…heh) again this time? Because that’s normally where I order your new books but if you aren’t doing that this year so that I can get a signed (or sung) copy, then I’ll just pick a place and pre-order an unsung (or unsigned) version.

  • I’m with DebR. I’m doin’ the Alabama Booksmith route again. I just wander around my house some days, listening to you read your book to me while I caress the cover (totally non-creepy, of course). Although, having a signed copy keeps me from loaning it out to people and buying myself a new one. I just buy THEM the new one. YAY, NEW BOOKS!

    And yes, I agree with Roxanne, your blog gets read in a one breath rush with a giant, noisy inhalation at the end during these drafting times. I dig it.

    ps. I wanna go to comic con TOOOO!!!!

  • allison noakes

    That video was excellent and that is EXACTLY what it was like here last week. You guys really should come out here for comic con. It sold out the day tickets went on sale this year. It is a crazy place (in a good way) when comic con comes to town!

  • I definitely have detected a tonal change, although I haven’t been certain if it was attributed to holidays (yours or mine) or Life Issues. Drafting strikes me as an excellent reason, though, and woot for BFFs who are that sensitive.

  • edj

    I had not thought of it but now that Lydia has pointed it out, I can kind of tell. Which makes me feel very, very perceptive, and secret-spy-ish, and cool. So thank you.

  • You are coming to Oxford! The weekend after my birthday!!! I will come see you!!!!!

  • Each time I think you have written a book that you cannot surpass, you prove me wrong. I love that. “A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty” simply ROCKS! I desperately heart the Slocumb ladies in a big big big way!

    Knocked this one plumb smooth out of the park, my friend. No lie.

    Keep drafting. The world needs more of your books!

  • linda j

    I get the read the blog in one breath thing that everyone is saying. Please take this with the pink puffy heart that it is said with. It is like you come out of your brain realize there is a world out here with a blog and loin spawn and such, post a topic for a quick got to get it done second, kiss the spawn, and then dive head first back into your mental world. But that is ok We love you for it.

  • Mary

    Joshilyn, I just read the excerpt on the Book Page link, and I love, love, love that little taste. I am so excited about this book! January? I have to wait until January? Sigh. Mary

  • Aimee

    I think Roxanne put her finger on it — it’s an adrenaline thing. Your blog posts when you’re drafting read like lightning.


    And I also have to say: PLEASEPLEASE come to San Diego for Comic Con next year. That is where *I* am and you are never sent here on tour!

  • Ooh nice 4 in 1 entry. 😀 And thanks for the CosPlay video share. I <3 CosPlayers.. they are fun and knowledgeable bunch. 🙂 They're great to talk with and also photograph. 🙂 And if your area doesn't have a monthly meet there's bound to be some regional con (be it directly cosplay or indirect.. scifi/game convention ). Anyhoo one of my favorite cosplay photographers shared me the work of a Canadian whose youtube channel is ' acksonl ' it's kind of in the similar vein as the shared video and takes CosPlay photography up a notch. Though maybe it's called videography. 😀

  • How did Dani do it? That’s the question. I cannot find the pre-order clicky place. I feel so inadequate, not to mention old — though that probably has more to do with watching the video than with my complete inability to pre-order “A Grown-up Kind of Pretty”. I will be on the road in January, heading for Florida, so I probably won’t get to read the book until I get home around Easter, but that’s okay. I’ll know it’s waiting here in the Great White North. If, that is, I can pre-order it. If I can find the dratted pre-order clicky place. Do you sound different when you’re drafting? I don’t know. I always giggle from one end of your post to the other, so it’s hard to say

  • Jill W.

    I also concur with Roxanne’s assessment.

    And I always go the Alabama Booksmith route, too. So let us know if you are signing (or singing!)books for them.

  • I just LOVE that cover. And also that picture of Lydia…

  • Kacie

    The flip phone is probably off fornicating with the sacred paper calendar. Most likely nothing to worry about…

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    I am so glad that I am not the only person who puts things in a SPECIAL PLACE, certain that I will remember that way, and then I can’t find it. I had not considered the hole in the fabric of time — that must have been what I did too. *smile*

    I LOVE the cover of the new book. It is so fresh and pretty and yummy-looking. Can’t wait to have it in my hands.

    If you went to Comic Con, it would be super-cool to meet Joss Whedon — the “other” famous writing Joss.

  • Brigitte

    I guess I’m the only one without Spidey-senses, it sounds kinda manic (but in a good way) to me when Mr. Husband is out of town, too, and I can’t tell the difference.

    There used to be awesomely cool (to geeks like myself, anyway) conventions in a not-too-far place from me, but since I have no true-life friends who would EVER go to such a thing with me, I never went. The closest I’ve been is Renfairs, though I never dare dress up. With my shape, I’m afraid Jabba the Hut would be my only viable option!

  • BeckyK

    Thanks for solving the mystery of where my iPod went. 😀

    Love the new book cover!

  • Les in AZ

    All I heard was pre-order 🙂 I agree with Jill and the others who ordered from the Alabama Booksmith…it’s just that I am now picky and want my book signed :)lol JK
    Really ~ I’ll just order it from whomever you would prefer we order it from 🙂

    I loved that video of the Pink song – WAY MORE than her video for that song. It’s so PERFECTLY Comic Con.

    I think I can tell the blogs are a little different – I just had no idea why until now. But its good news for us out here in the wide world!

  • Michelle M

    I want the book NOW! and I love, love, love the cover. (I want the dress) Can’t wait to read it.

    loved the video Perfect for that song.

    I can’t tell your blog is different, but I’m not very good at that kind of thing.

  • Alicia Walker

    Thank goodness you have a new book out!!! (Forgive me. I know it takes time to create magic from thin air. But I feel like I’ve been waiting forever. Plus, it’s been an exceptionally bad… month? Summer? A great read will surely help ensure a perky start to the new year–since I see I can’t get it until January.) So, seriously… thank you!