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<3 and Lipstick

Firstly and foremostly, thank you. It’s weird, but writing all this MY MORTAL ENEMY crap down, even in an abbreviated and anonymous form, and having you, my tribe, posse up and get ready for a good fashioned book burning—-OH maybe it is wrong, but it made me feel SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Also I let go of a lot of it. I feel DONE with it. And done with It.

The peeps in my writing group who know the whole story tell me that in disguising some of the details, my blog version actually minimizes Its hatefulness. That was kind of on purpose. If I had to err one way, I didn’t want it to be toward hyperbole and making It WORSE than It was.

It did not, after all, boil my rabbit or stab me in the eye. It was just consistently and relentlessly mean to me in endless petty ways. Even so, you guys rallied round and petted my hair and called me pretty and SOME DAYS PEOPLE JUST NEED THAT.

I think we should hug now.

Today I am over on The Lipstick Chronicles, talking about backwards walking chickens and baby cages and sacred spaces and a writer I really LIKE who has NEVER ONCE been mean to mean to me. Although to be fair, she is dead. So.

I leave tomorrow for Beach Week with my WHOLE family, except my very most favorite nephew, who has become, COMPLETELY AGAINST MY EXPLICIT ORDERS, a giant actual man with a job and a SRS girlfriend. SO not him. But the rest of the crew will be there. I will have TWITTER PHONE capabilities, thanks to the Magic of Alison, but probably won’t blog til I return the 12th.

4 comments to <3 and Lipstick

  • Jennifer in NC

    Hope you have a wonderful Beach Week! Feel free to indulge in some of those oddly-colored, umbrella topped beverages!

  • liz

    Have fun — and I hope you come back with some great fish stories again!

  • Lulu

    Happy vacationing!
    Put on your sunscreen.
    Have fun!

  • Kate Setzer Kamphausen

    Joshilyn, I keep forgetting to read any blogs or webcomics or internettiness at all (now that I sew for a living! yay! and almost never get to the computer! less yay.) and so have just now read about your painful recent experiences with YME. Gah!

    Just a note to say that *I* love you and, er, actually pray (with gratitude) for all of y’all because the things you write on the internet make my life happier and more joyous. And I love your books. And I’m a little batshitinsane myself, and can’t tell you how helpful, affirming, and just plain delightful it is to understand (thanks largely to your blog) that BatShitInsane can be fun & productive TOO!

    Imma pray for any lingering heartsting/s to be smoothed away by the love of God and all of us. I am sorry you met horrible awfulpants and hope Vacation! helps bunches!!