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Lipstick, Moose, Lexicon, Mean

Today I am over on The Lipstick Chronicles, posting a group blog I wrote with Sara and Karen on retreat.

It has seals. Maybe Navy, maybe not. And registered sex offenders. And Pizza. So. Come on over and grab a slice.

Meanwhile I am trying to write this HIDEOUSLY complicated post for here where I give you a SENSE of My Mortal Enemies tactics without any identifying markers, but also then without trivializing it or removing so many details that it isn’t true anymore. It’s tricky. To write in a way that gives a sense of what Its campaign is like without being too specific.

Beautiful Maisy who is barely nine says My Mortal Enemies have a theme song, and it JUST happens to be by her favorite recording artist.

9 comments to Lipstick, Moose, Lexicon, Mean

  • DebR

    That’s my boss’s 9-year-old daughter’s favorite song too. She sings it with great gusto, while (coincidentally, I’m SURE) looking right at her 15-year-old brother. 🙂

    Off to the Lipstick Chronicles while I wait to read part the twoth of the MME sitch. (FWIW, I personally wouldn’t worry about removing too many of the details. As long as you don’t say Its name, It can’t very well complain without admitting It is IT, and therefore a mean and rotten excuse for a human bean, yes? Or maybe not, since I still have no idea what’s really going on re: the MME. Heh.)

  • My daughter has been singing that song continuously for two days now. It’s making us all a little bonkers. And we don’t even HAVE any mortal enemies! Er, that I know of.

  • Judy in California

    Well, I betcha that your Mortal Enemy was NOT mentioned today on the front page of the entertainment section of the Sacramento Bee. But guess who was, in an article about great audiobooks, in a paragraph about authors who are talented enough to write the book AND record the audio version? Why yes, I do believe that the gifted author in question is our very own JOSHILYN JACKSON (and they gave a nice mention to Between, Georgia while they were at it). Wahoo!!!

  • I just CHECKED HA! It wasn’t.

    Slowly. Going. Mad.

    I will whip out my pea shooter and zing a pea at the first person who says, “Slowly?” Or “Going?”

  • Barbara

    I’ve given the Mortal Enemy thing consideration. I’ve had a couple in my not so distant past – people at work who set out to make my life a living hell because they didn’t get their way. And I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t apply normal person reason to it. If you try to make sense of it and figure out “why” or “how” or “what are they thinking” you will go mad and stay awake at night. Because they don’t think like we do and they are miserable people and eventually – well you know what they say about Karma. So far – Karma has been on my side if I just waited it out long enough. I’m sure Karma will find favor with you too. Evidence – the whole Sacramento Bee thing!

  • Maisy is wise beyond her years.

  • linda j

    “zing a pee”? gross but us ill ones know you lovingly mean “pea” at least I hope you mean the veggie but for the ME perhaps the pee will do too!

  • Peggy Fry

    Great video- I never would have watched it otherwise. I wish I could give it to my 9-year old self… she needed the validation of that in the face of bullies. And how true it is!! People can just be mean because they want to! Bleah!

  • Lori B.

    In the 6th grade when I was being bullied mercilessly by my MME, I used to dream about having a national platform with which I could embarrass her. I would have written a famous book and would have been invited to speak on some show resembling Johnny Carson, but hosted by an understanding woman, who would ask me about my past, and then I would have my chance to get even. I would call out my MME and say what a terrible person she was, but I would do it in such a way that I took the high road and she looked petty. It was a very elaborate fantasy. I was a 6th grade girl after all. So, I’m impressed that you are not using your international platform to get even with your MME. You, alas, are the better person.