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The Many-Parted Mortal Enemy Saga PART THE NILth

I am going to tell you a bunch of stories in a row that are going to SEEM unconnected, but I am going to bring it all home in the end.

Or not. Depending on if I remember to. I HOPE I DO. You must nag and pink sock at me if I start wandering off…

I know. I know. I have utterly failed in the past to remember to do ANY kind of an ongoing features thing where I do the same thing over and over, like LOVE THURSDAY happens on some blogs, but never mine because I always forget it is Thursday.

I am more suited, perhaps, to a PULING WHINE WEDNESDAY, but then I have to know when Wednesday is.

(And here YOU KNOW I am DYING TO SAY, “Same sh!t, different day. “*rimshot* But my rising ninth grade son has recently started reading this blog, and so for record, let it be noted here:


I exclamation pointed my prim way out of it, and, PS. NO, you can’t read my novels yet. Except Between. You can read that. It probably has the S word in it, but this is ONLY because my characters are not always as sugar mouthed and angelic as I am, EVERY LIVING SECOND, even when you and your sister aren’t around…*BEAM!*)

Back on point: I have FAILED at making THE FAQ and never even done TWICE most things I swore at one point or another would happen regularly.

Remember when I said I would post a recipes at regular intervals? ME NEITHER!

But people assure me that I did…I had to go look it up in way way backed archives. But then I figured out how to make the middle of my novel GO, so I forgot to cook for two weeks and my family subsisted on pillaged lunch meats and bowls of cold cereal. When I emerged from the cocoon of whatever fictional hell I was frollicking about in, I had forgotten ever saying it would happen.

So. Grain of SALT! And I just realized I have already digressed for SO long now that I have no time to get to PART 1. Hmm.


We are going to call this PART NILTH. Part Nilth is the zero part before one happens. Natch.

For today, there are only two things you need to know:

1) These lolcats are what comes up when you do a Google image search for, “Mortal enemy lolcat.”

2) I Googled that term because… A Mortal Enemy. I haz one.

11 comments to The Many-Parted Mortal Enemy Saga PART THE NILth

  • Aimee

    I’m starting to wonder if all your socks are pink? 😉

  • Em

    I have lots of mortal enemies. Just none of them know they are my mortal enemy because I am sweet. And sometimes I forget too. Hello to Sam!

  • OH CRAP! I have a blog! I forgot to WRITE IN IT! OH /-/ 311. 🙂 <3 you, Mrs. Jackson! (insert Outkast sample here)

  • Lulu

    I’m pretty sure I heard someone say that someone else was in “deep shrimp” once…isn’t that the S word???

  • I think your mortal enemy STOLE your pink socks and hid them under a bed in Paris along with any recipes you might have posted here. TOTALLY makes sense to me.

  • DebR

    Ok, so do you have a mortal enemy like in the first lolcat pic or a mortal enemy like in photo 2 or 3? Because I don’t know if I should be amused or concerned. Hhhmmm….

  • Intrigue!

    I always went on the lolcat site and looked for all the cool photos you found but now I realize is was the wonders of google helping you find your lolcatz. I’m pretty my whole afternoon will now be searching funnyphrase lolcat in the google.

  • Roxanne’s comment made me giggle out loud. “under a bed in Paris” bahah!

  • Scottsdale Girl


  • Oooooo. I am INTRIGUED. And baffled, because who could have enmity for you? Or is it that you have enmity for someone? Also baffling.

  • Brigitte

    I’m with Roxanne . . . and concerned that the-cat-formerly-known-as-Boggart has completed his plans for world domination.