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Savannah in Pictures

On my right hand ring finger is a single pearl set in a silver band. My dad gave it to my mom for her sixteenth birthday.

When she was nineteen and he was twenty, Reader, he married her. This June marks the 50th anniversary of their marriage. And they still like each other. Best.

It’s the neatest thing.

Mom and Dad at the marina

It was a gift not everyone gets, to grow up in a place where every day they see what a good, strong, crazy-for-you marriage looks like. The very air I grew up in was love-soaked —their happiness with each other, with us, was a palpable presence.

I am not saying butterflies came and cleaned our toilets; the world is a broken place, and we lived in it, so we had our share of terror and loss. All I am saying is this: my father never left the house—or the room—without kissing my mother. He still doesn’t.

I say again, it is a gift.

The week of the anniversary, Maisy was at her first sleep-away camp, Sam was on a youth trip with his church friends, my nephew is a grown man with a job, and my niece was on a mission trip in Honduras.

These guys had a PINK belly baby with them, less than 2 weeks old, who would NOT stop exploring the boat. They kept coming up and peeking to make sure we were not Baby Dolphin Eaters. I could have touched their noses.

SO my brother and I planned an ALL GROWN-UP vacation to Savannah with them to celebrate, just the six of us, My parents, my brother, and our spouses. It was an amazing week, and also…VERY. VERY. WEIRD: a taste of what life might be like in the black unimaginable later on when my PREH-SHUS BAY-BIES abandon me and go off to have COLLEGE EDUCATIONS and LIVES.

I think we’ll be okay. *grin*

Me and my fella and the water taxi we hired to take us to see some wildlifes. And Sandra Bullock's house on Tybee.

Okay, we missed our little boogers, but it was SO nice to linger chatting over coffee with no one losing the ability to remain seated and leaping up and down or flopping about bonelessly in their chair, nose picking or trit-trotting back and forth to the bathroom one hundred million thousand times.

Delightfully indulgent to go on as MANY TOURS OF HISTORICAL HOUSES AND MUSUEMS AS WE WANTED, willy-nilly, one after another sometimes, tour after tour, gazing at painting after statue after delicious painting, and READING THE WHOLE PLAQUE FOR ANY THAT INTERESTED US, with no one saying they were bored or asking if we could go get ice cream instead.

I texted this shot to Susan Rebecca White, and she texted back, OMG YOU ARE VISITING THE MOTHER-SHIP!!!! Love her.

Lovely to drink a leeeetle too much wine in a foreign city without worrying ones inattention to detail will end in your child being selected by the Foreign League of Child Abductors.

This is good. But. The all time champ is still Rue De Clichey in France. It just sounds FILTHY.

AND of course, with no kids there, I was free to continue the game of DIRTY MONUMENTS Karen Abbott began playing with me in France, sending me foul sounding street names and suchlike —and let me tell you, that is a hard game to even PLAY against a Paris-foe because EVERYTHING sounds slightly dirty in French…

But we did find the above AMAZINGLY dirty monument, which, due to the bare breast and the words THE HERPOIC POLE (snork!) and the guy holding a SPEAR while looking at the breast and kinda fondling his own chesticle-area, narrowly beat out one that began, “The citizens of Savannah erected this shaft…” (SNORK!)

Yes. I am a twelve year old boy.

17 comments to Savannah in Pictures

  • Love that monument! Even before I read the “heroic pole” part I was laughing. And what’s that thing in her hand?!! I expect that any second she’s going to put it in her mouth like a prostitute with a popsicle.

  • DebR

    Congrats to your parents on their 50th – that’s wonderful!!

    Sandi, I wanted to know the SAME thing about that statue. It looks like she’s holding a hot dog & about to try to use it to get soldier boy to think about all the naughty, naughty things she could do to him for a price. But surely – SURELY – it isn’t really a hot dog, no matter how oddly appropriate that might be for a monument to a heroic pole. So what the heck IS that thing????

  • linda j

    Sigh, the famous childless weekend. I used to have them when they all went with their dads but now, well I wont have one ever again.

    It looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip. At least the mental illness number doesn’t show.

  • Mir

    I lurve your hat so much, I needed to say that before dirtily tee-heeing over the statues. 😉 Happy anniversary to your parentals!! That is awesome.

  • Jessica

    Weird. I’m originally from Illinois, and we got a day off from school every year for Casimir Pulaski Day. It was nice to have the day off school, but no one ever talked about why. (I eventually looked it up myself, but why have the day off when kids don’t even know why?)

    I’m having the opposite kind of time. We have our niece with us for 3 weeks, so we’re getting a taste of the child-ed life for a while. Teenagers! Argh!

  • I think…I REALLY think…

    wait for it…

    It is…

    A POLISH SAUSAGE! *rimshot*
    Except I really do think she is holding a Polish sausage.

  • Aimee

    Great hat! It’s somehow perfect for paying homage to Flannery O’Connor.

    Sounds like a great trip. And… *snork*

    Heroic Pole!

  • Barbara

    Don’t you think the people that carved those monuments hundreds of years ago are just laughing their butts off! Knowing that for hundreds of years people would stand and try to figure out the hidden meaning and what was really going on. I’m going to Tybee next month. May have to stop and hunt monuments in Savannah.

  • JenniferG

    Congratulations to your parents! But surely they are much too young to have possibly been married that long.

    We make such a big deal out of Casimir Pulaski here in Chicago that I did not know his heroics occurred in Savannah. I definitely think that fine young woman is holding a sausage. I mean, really, what else could it be?

  • Kristen

    How wonderful! 50 years together – hooray hooray for them (and for you too!)!

    Haha! Polish sausage!! hahaha!!

  • JulieB

    Joshilyn for the win! I was going to say it was a cigar.

    Congratulations to your parents – what a wonderful thing (speaking as one whose marriage will JUST be old enough to drink in August).

    Chicago gets Pulaski day off because in the very recent history (maybe still, and not more than 15 years ago if not) it had the second highest population of Polish residents in the world. Yes, greater than even most of Poland.

    Finally, what did you DO with your kids? Our only two or three get-aways involved getting the grandparents as sitters. 🙂

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    Love the picture of your parents. I knew the minute that I saw the picture that it was a picture of a “good, strong, crazy-for-you marriage”. My grandparents had it and it looked just like that. You’re right. A gift. Every time my grandma came into a room my grandpa would whistle and say “look at that beauty”.

    Judging from the picture of you and your fella you are well on your way to the same kind of anniversary in your future (and your hair looks so pretty! ) But for your sake I hope that time stretches LONG until your babies leave for college and grown-up lives. Mine is doing that now and I don’t like it.

    Also, is it weird that I got the more geeked out over the pic of Flannery O’Connor’s house than the nice dolphins?

  • Congrats to your Mom & Dad for letting the love survive.

    I didn’t even notice that she had something in her hand but the Coach DID. I think she must be holding the “heroic pole” 🙂 Glad you had a great time sans kids.

  • How FUN (and also funny–although, am I the ONLY one who thinks the item the soldier is holding is, itself, somewhat phallic in shape? Of course I’m the mom that served alien cupcakes that FOREVERMORE looked like green penis heads.)

    And your hat, as so many have observed, is precious, but your MOM’S HAT makes my heart pitter-patter.

  • Scottsdale Girl

    I need a trip. One that does not involve some manner of a deceased relative. OY.

    I loved Columbus GA and would gladly visit Savannah! Or heck, I’m inclined to drive to San DIego and just run onto the beach and fall down and STAY THERE.

    Congrats to the ‘rents! They remind me of my grands…*sigh*

  • gilly

    Mazel Tov to your parents and no doubt your inspiration and touchstone for your marriage
    I also want to say how lovely you look wearing not black

    And I am glad you did not disappoint the dolphins
    , but you should have kissed their noses

  • First, uber congrats to your parents. (And to you for having the sense to snag them. I don’t suppose they’re adopting…?)

    LOVE the sassy haircut.

    I am fresh from a childless holiday of my own, although in a vastly different climate. When it comes to phallic images, the desert has a few.