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Onward to Abbott-Town

Firstly and most important, Karen Abbott, my whoodie and a member of the evil trio who make up my writing group (Abbott, Sara, and Lydia), is guest blogging today over at the THE LIPSTICK CHRONICLES, so make clickies here and come learn what secrets she exposed when I posed the question, “What’s the trashiest thing you’ve ever done? Not the smuttiness, not the sleaziest, but the trashiest.”

The answer is a doozy! Of course it is; this is, after all, the woman who pinned a book about the world’s most famous “exposer,” American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare; The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee.

Meanwhile, people are sending me facebook messages and saying things in the comments asking for EVANGELIZING IDEAS for FOXhood, or telling me their ideas for evangelizing in these places…

First of all, you have to send me an email to officially throw your hat in the ring. I have SUCH poor organizational skills that if the people who want them don’t send the letters explaining their evangelism efforts to the SAME PLACE, namely my in box, I will lose track of them. Sad, but true. I can barely find my SHOES. I can barely find my butt with both hands, a map, and a mystical magic 8 ball.

Second of all, SO GLAD YOU ASKED FOR IDEAS, YOU SEXEH BEASTICLES, because the fact that you are asking for HOW means I feel less like a dumb-butt for sending the cosmic DO YOU LIKE ME note. HEH! Here are the ideas Mr. Husband and I came up with, compiled here helpfully in one spot instead of hidden in the comments:

—If you enjoyed SAINTS (or any of my books, really), you could post reviews to sites like Good Reads or Amazon or B and N or audible.com. I think people really do read those when deciding whether or not to take a chance on an author they do not know. I know I do. This is especially good for SHY people who can’t stand to evangelize face to face — or even facebook to facebook.

–If you are about to get married, you could make BACKSEAT SAINTS your amusing and ironical Bridesmaids gift? HEEEE! Okay maybe not—but it is a nice gift for other events—birthdays, teacher, Christmas, anniversary, Thank You, Just Cuz—and giving it to people helps because if they like it they talk about it or go buy something off my backlist!

—Got a book club? You could use your pick to make Backseat Saints their next read! SEND PICTURES of the club I LOVE to get those–especially when they do themed food from the book and stuff. Fun.

—If you are LOCAL (Atlanta Area) I have a bookstore gig in June; you could come —you could bring a friend who never heard of me, or go hog wild and bring a friend posse! Or you could tell everyone you know to come if you are out of town. Check my TOUR page you will see there is an event in June and a library lunch in July, but you can get tickets in June and make plans with your friends to come and that would count.

Mr. Husband’s had a lot more smart ideas…

1) If you’re a teacher, make your students read it. What’s that? You teach high school algebra? Make ‘em read it anyway! (To this I would add, you need to be teaching COLLEGE or upperclassmen in high school. This book does not belong in the hands of kids who aren’t allowed to see rated R movies! Heck I haven;t let my kids read it, and the oldest is 14.)

2) Do you live in an area that has a news letter? (Neighborhood association, or fancy apartments…) Write a book review to include in the news letter. Send Joss a copy, she would LOVE to see that! You can get cover images off her Media Kit.

3) Call in to any radio talk show and mention the awesomeness of the book.

4) Put a flyer in the window of your business promoting the book. Don’t have a flyer? You can go to the “Media” section of the website for nice hi-rez images of the covers and make one, or Shoot Joshilyn an email and we will get you one.

5) Get a street in your hometown renamed “Joshilyn Jackson Avenue”. (Note: You might get a bonus prize or three if you can pull this one off.)

Hope that helps!

2 comments to Onward to Abbott-Town

  • Jennifer in NC

    I realize this is off-topic, but the kitties in the cage picture made me think of a TV show I saw on Animal Planet recently called “My Cat From Hell”. Which then made me think of the Boggart kitty. Have you seen this show? It’s great. This guy is a cat behaviorist (do cats EVER behave?) and he visits houses and trains people to deal with their jumping, chewing, hissing, spitting, clawing kitties that are “being true to their breed”. The website has a segment on “how to properly pet your cat” **snort** Who knew that there is a cat whisperer???

  • Aimee

    So, do we need to send you an e-mail saying that we are planning to evangelize, or just one saying that we HAVE evangelized, and how?