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In Which Erin is a Fox Genius

The casts are pewter (dull silver) but they do not photograph well in that color---Hard to see the details in a photo of the silver ones. This is the original sculpture, called in my brother's industry a green. For obvious reasons.

So I asked you guys how I should give out these 22 FOX figurines I have left…and a long-time lurk-about Best Beloved named Erin sent me an email yesterday with a GREAT idea for fair Fox distribution. I think she is a GENIUS, and she gets one for coming up with the idea. SO. 21 left.

She reminded me that the original purpose of having these little Pewter editions of Nonny’s Fox Doll from Between, Georgia cast was to give them to people at my publishing house and the booksellers who had been hand-selling my work. The dolls were a thank you for their evangelism, which was and is how I got to keep having a career doing what I love best.

I will keep this open until THE END OF JUNE, so there is PLENTY OF TIME to think of something. And now here is where I get all flustered and dumb and expose my pink underbelly, and you are going to LOOK FAST and then LOOK AWAY right after and never mention it again, yes? Yes.

I want the Fox Dolls to go to people who really feel a connection to my work. These dolls feel personal, not like a 3Q book or like those silly give-aways I sometimes do where I scrape things off my messy desk into a mailer.

These foxes my brother made—-they MEAN something to me, and I want them to go to people to whom they might mean something, too. Yes, I know that’s dumb and over-whatevering to think they might matter in that way to NOT ME, but I SECRETLY THINK THEY DO, to some of you. Yes. It is my deep true pink gently pulsing FEELING in my HEART that to some of you, these dolls matter…and WOW just saying that gave me embarrassment hives.

Oh look! A visual representation of my FEELINGS.

Erin’s idea, now that I am saying it OUT LOUD in type to you feels a little like a cosmic huge skywriting version of DO YOU LIKE ME CHECK ONE ___YES ___NO AND IF YES THEN HOW MUCH? JUST SOME? OR LOTS?

OKAY so that part is over and we shall never refer to the things I said above in bold again. Although we should probably hug.

How about this: First person to mention it must go to their facebook page and publicly claim with no irony that they are “growing as a person.” HA!

ANYWAY, at the end of June, I will mail 20 Fox Dolls to the Best Beloveds who fulfill the original purpose for having them made. In other words, the ones go out and evangelize for my work in general, or even better, for the new paperback in particular.

There are LOTS of ways you can do this, some big some small, some easy, some—who knows, up to your creativity, and this way they go to the people who REALLY want them the way I want them to be wanted BECAUSE I AM ACTUALLY SECRETLY SO HIDEOUSLY SENTIMENTAL THAT I WILL PROBABLY BE EATEN BY BEARS RIGHT NOW.

Really. I am so red I am sure my pores are emitting BEARS-PLEASE-KILL-AND-EAT-ME fumes.

They are my last, best hope because I already got a lovely, “The earth regrets to inform you that she will not be opening a chasm beneath your feet and swallowing you today, though she thanks you for the kind invitation” note.

If you WANT TO participate but are stumped for how to evangelize, we can come up with ideas in the comments! I will help brainstorm, and all yer fellow Best Beloveds I am sure will help brainstorm, too, because after all we can discuss ANYTHING in the comments except the part in bold where I publicly declare that I think you might like me.*dies*

The MAIN THING is, when you evangelize, you have to TELL me about it, so I am aware!

Shoot me an email any time in MAY or JUNE, letting me know what you did or are doing to spread the word about the new Paperback of BACKSEAT SAINTS or even about my work in general. Send pics if you have any! If I get any really good stories, pictures, ideas I will post them here.

Now, I think this will all work out—I think ten or twenty people who really want a fox will will do this and get one, but I will be kinda surprised if it is more than 20 who throw their hats into this YES I REALLY WANT ONE EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE A MISTY SENTIMENTAL BOOBYHEAD ring, but if there are more than 20, then they will go first to the most creative, weirdo crazed evangelists, and then the rest we will HAVE to allow randomness to have its way.

And now to recover my Po-Mo, emotionally detached, and purely mythological cool, I am going to give 1 fox away in the silliest manner possible. It’s almost DADA.
You can only enter this silly 1 Fox contest by email. NO COMMENT guesses because it will SPOIL it for other guessers. Comments they do not count as entries. ONLY EMAILS COUNT AS ENTRIES.

Last night, Scott said something to me that made me lay on the floor and die of laugh and charm. He cocked an eyebrow and said,

“Mjǫlnir is not the hammer.”

Shoot me an email. explaining why that is funny. You will be serving yourself a huge scoop of GEEK CHIC if you get it right, so you win even if you lose.

Silly Fox Contest closes Friday at Midnight EST. All right e-mails received before that time go into the proverbial hat, and Maisy Jane and Ansley will pull out a winner who gets the 22nd fox doll. I promise not to cheat by smearing anyone’s entry with bacon.

22 comments to In Which Erin is a Fox Genius

  • Nonny-Fox-winning-evangelical-ideas are already brewing. I NEED A NONNY FOX.

  • Kristi

    I am so incredibly touched by this. And would love to have this little fox as a reminder of the ‘secret love letters’ in my life. What can I do to spread the word?

  • Sandra Leigh

    Well, as long as we’re confessing all, Joshilyn, I must shamefacedly admit that it was just the day before yesterday that I suddenly realized I hadn’t actually got around to ordering “Backseat Saints” yet, so I promptly did that. Once it arrives (which could be a while, given that I now hear we’re going to have a postal strike next week), and once I dive into it and don’t come out until I’ve finished it (as I know will happen, because that’s exactly what happened with your other books)I’ll start thinking of ways to evangelize. Billboards, maybe? 🙂

  • 🙂 yay. Thanks!

    Let’s see– brainstorming…

    Some ideas of evangelism:

    Oh — an easy one! If you enjoyed SAINTS (or any of my books, really), you could post reviews to sites like Good Reads or Amazon or B and N or audible.com. I think people really do read those when deciding whether or not to take a chance on an author they do not know. I know I do.

    If you are about to get married, you could make BACKSEAT SAINTS your amusing and ironical Bridesmaids gift? HEEEE! Okay maybe not—but it is a nice gift for other occasisions and giving it to people helps because if they like it they talk abotu it or go to my backlist…

    Got a book club? You could use your pick to make Saints their next read…SEND PICTURES of the club I LOVE to get those–especially when they do themed food from the book and stuff. Fun. 🙂 !

    If you are LOCAL I have a bookstore gig in June—you could come and bring a little friend posse! Or tell everyoen you knwo to come if you are out of town. I have to UPDATE my appearances page GAH but still, there is one in June and a library lunch in July but you can make plans for July and get tickets in June and that would count: http://www.joshilynjackson.com/tour.html

    What else? Anyone, anyone Bueller?

  • Em

    I just wanted to let you know that I WON one of these in a previous giveaway and you should rest assured it is living a nice life. She has a spot on my bookshelf (the high one, where wee hands won’t sully, lick, stick into a socket or otherwise injure my fox). She lives in front of your books but on top of a little pedestal of a Romeo and Juliet book I bought when I was young and liked old things just for being old. It isn’t antique, just dusty, cloth covered and small enough to lay flat in front of the other books and display my fox. She is very unassuming and no one has ever asked about her but I know she is there and that knowledge makes me very very happy.

  • This has nothing to do with anything except, maybe, that whole bit about passing “notes” on the internet about how much we like one another. So. I look so forward to your blog posts, I check numerous times a day to my Safari “top sites” page to see if there is a new post, and have been known to click the link ANYWAY to see if maybe Safari is lying to me. So there. If I were creepier, I’d stalk you. 🙂

  • Mr. Husband

    1) If you’re a teacher, make your students read it. What’s that? You teach high school algebra? Make ’em read it anyway!
    2) Do you live in an area that has a news letter? (Neighborhood association, or fancy apartments…) Write a book review to include in the news letter.
    3) Call in to any radio talk show and mention the awesomness of the book. You’d need to record it though, which might get tricky.
    4) Put a flyer in the window of your business promoting the book. Don’t have a flyer? You can go to the “Media” section of the website for nice hi-rez images of the covers. I’ve got several book covers and a review or two taped to the door of my cubicle.
    5) Get a street in your hometown renamed “Joshilyn Jackson Avenue”. (Note: You might get a bonus prize or three if you can pull this one off.)

    If I’ll post a few more when I’ve had time to think on it a bit.

  • Kristi

    I’m so on this.

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    I won a Nonny Fox Doll in the last contest, and every time I hear the sound of any kind of delivery vehicle (USPS, UPS, FedEx), I leap up and run to the window wondering if today is the day that I get my doll. SO. I am over-the-moon that I am getting one. (you did get my snail mail info, right???) *nervous laugh*


    I am checking the “Yes” box. I feel a strong connection to your work — a connection that was made stronger after hearing you speak here at Calvin College. The relationship between Nonny and her mother is one of my relationships in your novels. Nonny’s Fox Doll will have a treasured spot here in my home.

  • Oh SORRY Michelle-who-is-Shelley—I have a sick kid AND it is the END OF SCHOOL so every day is scheduled down to the WIRE. No need to look for the truck.I have it on my calendar to go to the post office on MONDAY and a back up time on Tuesday—it won;t get mailed before then. SORRY best I can do!

  • I. Am. Dying. Here. If that unicornpinklollypop picture had been around when I was in 7th or 8th grade, I’d have wanted THAT instead of a fox doll. Alas. . .I have WANTED a fox doll since you first gave us a peek so long ago. . .and I HAVE evangalized. . .I will write and enumerate the ways. 🙂

  • Jill W.

    I have been known to practice guerrilla tactics in the bookstore. I check out your section of the shelves and turn at least one of the books so the cover shows. And, if there are plenty of copies, I have been known to put one or two in a seating area or on a highly visible table, or the place where bored moms sit while their kids are playing with the train table in hopes that the right reader might happen upon them.

  • Amy-Go

    I am blessed to already have a Nonny Fox, but I will happily evangelize anyway. Teacher gifts, people! 🙂

  • AJ

    Yes, I too have a Nonny Fox who lives in a spechul place by my Jos book collection!

  • Carrie (in MN)

    I too have a Nonny Fox, so I’m not going to play, but wanted you to know I evangalize – I’ve got co-workers, family and friends hooked.

  • Dear Joss, I have Wanted and Craved and Panted After a fox doll ever since your first foxy contest. I even had the pleasure of meeting your brother at the Alabama Booksmith at one of your signings. I promise, if selected, to Love it and Kiss it and Call it George…I mean, give it a good home where it is prized and special and possibly Revered!

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    No worries! I can relate to the busy stuff. May is the busiest month of the year for us – all the end-of-school stuff added on to an already busy schedule.

    Part of me is having trouble BELIEVING that I actually won a Fox Doll ( I don’t “win” things), and I feel oh-so-much-better just knowing that you actually are planning to send it to me. For real. 🙂 I will stop running to the door. Thank you.

  • Brigitte

    Sadly, I never make a peep even over my most-dearest-to-my-heart things, so I am unworthy . . though I DID notice that after I asked for a few interlibrary loans of your items (up here in the desolate, frigid northeast), my library actually purchased some of your books. Can’t say for sure that it was my doing, though.

  • I love my wee little fox doll. 🙂

  • Karen

    Hmmm – I will have to think on this one. I am a shy, retiring sort – rather disinclined to share my opinions with others. But this was my very favoritist of all your books so far (maybe cause I sorta fell in love with Henry a bit…oh baby, that scene in his bookstore).

  • Jessica

    I was so excited the other day at the library to see your book in the notable books and new reads section (tiny shelf area by the computers for new literature, two-week loan literature for things still in high demand but not waiting-list high, etc.) I started exclaiming loudly to my husband, “Look! Joss’s book is in the notable books section! I just love Backseat Saints!” 😉 After I put it back, the lady beside me by the shelf picked it up to check it out. Yay for word of mouth!

  • DebR

    I want to know the results of the DADA contest! (I know I removed myself from the prize-running when I entered since I am lucky enough to already have a Nonny fox, but hopefully someone won??)