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Sick Bed Funsies

The third and final SHARE IMAGE winner came from Suzann Moffitt Ledford! Contest closed, thanks to ALL who played. And hey — please consider PINNING this or throwing it up on Facebook to let everyone know the PB of SELS launches NEXT WEEK. 0.o

PAUSE and LOOK!The site changed, did you notice? My amazing […]

Why Is This Country Store and Cafe in Rural Georgia Called “Goats on the Roof?”

Here is a POP QUIZ for after you view the film.

1) WHO just bought editing software that let’s them edit their iPhone movies on PC?

Did you guess? Hint: It rhymes with Possalyn. Hint 2: It was me.

2) WHO doesn’t really understand how to hold an iPhone while filming?

Hint: Same answer […]

3Q with Lydia Netzer (Yeah, with PRIZES)

Just leave a comment on the blog (or on Facebook, because, why not) before Sunday July 27th at midnight EST to be entered to win.

GRAND PRIZE: A Download Code for the Audiobook version of HOW TO TELL TOLEDO FROM THE NIGHT SKY by Lydia Netzer, read for you and ONLY you by me, […]

Bad Brain

Emily Clever is the second winner of the SELS SHARE image contest!

I have this weird sanity blind spot, where I never actually believe I am SICK. Even when I am demonstrably, incontrovertibly infected with microorganisms that are wrecking me on every possible level, like, say, I have a fever of 102.6 and mucus […]

Mean Memes

Kimberly from FTK posted this quote on July 3, 2014 at 2:22 pm. She is winner 1 in the William Morrow quotes contest. Winners 2 and 3 announced in the next two posts!

Mono has grounded me. When I am not working, instead of going about with kids or friends or to yoga or […]


SO here was my plan for beach week, which is the same was my plan for every other beach week I have ever attended: Paddleboard and snorkel all day, then gorge myself on wine and buttered prawns all night while hanging with my favorite people in the world. Lather, rinse, repeat with extra butter.



A bright-bright brighter brightest best beloved pointed out that the comments were already closed on the contest entry.

You can enter on this entry. *sigh* Just leave your favorite line from SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY in the comments below this entry and you are entered. ALl the people on the old entry, also are […]

I Go Goop

THIS CONTEST—where you can win a brand new signed fresh PB of SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY hot off the presses plus another of my backlist PLUS your entry will be used by William Morrow to make COOL IMAGES—- ENDS FRIDAY.

You should please enter because reading the entries—especially when you choose a line […]

The Friday Redirect

Me and Lydia in our roaring twenties.

HAPPY FOURTH. I am off for a week at the beach feeling like a PHLEMGY POO PILE. Hurrah!

I blogged a different place BUT BEFORE YOU GO, Do not forget the contest going here until the 11th. You could win one of the very first PB copies […]

We Interrupt This Total Inability to Blog with a CONTEST

SO—the paperback of SELS launches in a month. LOOK at this easter-y cover. I kinda love it.

In Pre-Celbratory Celebration, I have a contest, open to US peeps only please. SORRY, CANADA! I LOVE you Canada, but you are expensive and form-filling-out-y to mail things at. SORRY REST OF EARTH. I love you, too, […]