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The next generation of nerds spent the first SNOWY internetless evening playing old school D and D with REAL DICE. NO actual demons were summoned and their souls were not stolen, in direct opposition to several highly acclaimed D and D movies from the 1980s.

I actually prefer SNOPOCALYPSE, but I have been voted […]

The Final Fail

First, important info— I will be on Book Club Girl Talk Radio tonight at 7 PM to discuss SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY. This is not a CHAT, like with typing. This is actual human talking. Here is all the info and instructions on how to join.

Please come chat with me! I will […]

Retro Fail, Lamaze Edition

Welcome to Backdate Quaints, where every weekend I post a lost entry from the old FTK site (R.I.P. 2004 – 2010 R.I.P.) At the bottom you can find my updated 2014 WHAT I READ list.

I plan to post archives in ORDER, but since I declared that it was FAIL WEEK almost two weeks ago […]

The Pre-Penultimate Fail

Some books I read last year

Thanks, my inputting inputties. We are BIG TIME GO on the WHAT I READ part of Backdate Quaints. It isn’t book recs so much as a running list I will keep of whatever books I read that week. I think I will break it into two parts. READ […]

A Different Kind of 3 Questions

Okay. Look. There were some BRIL entries. THANKS everyone who played—you guys are so creative! I especially liked Frances in England’s The Wreckoning (or even The Unwreckoning), Therese’s Kudzu Revined (LIKE REWIND! GET IT?) Jennifer’s The Past is Not Even (HA—Smartipants!) And Tenessa’s Deja Kudzu. (You have to say the ZU really loud. Like, dejakud-ZU!)


A TY, a FRO’BACK FRIDAY Contest, and my second attempt to write What Was Failed, Part 1

First, from the files of UNfail, SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY is a USA today bestseller, and I feel really happy and grateful about that. That’s a national list, and I have never had a book hit it before. SO.

Dear everyone who bought the book so far, You are warm and fragrant, buttered with […]

What Was Failed, Part One

This may well be WHAT WAS FAILED, PART ONE OF ONE, but I had to put part one in the title because I can’t take on the subject of WHAT I FAILED and get even a partial list in a single blog entry.

Honestly if I were to try and blog that subject […]

Monday’s Child is Full of Weather. So is Tuesday’s.

UPDATE: I just found out that SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY is the NOOK FIND. which means that TODAY only, it is 1.99 on Nook. Update 2—I just heard Amazon is price matching that.

SO Atlanta schools shut down for two days because…it was cold. *blink.*

It was gorgeous and sunny, and the sky […]

To Do: List Things To Do

So yesterday this well-known professor of Christian Ethics guest-preached, and he confessed publicly (so I have no compunctions about reconfessing for him here) that he and his wife have 100 New Year’s resolutions between them.

Seriously. He has 60, organized into a neat outline with Roman numerals and everything. He made them into a […]

Nature v/s Nurture v/s Just Plain Dumb

Yesterday my friend Thomas said to me, “I took a bunch of cold medicine, but I feel regular. But bottle has dire warnings on it telling me not to drive and/or operate heavy machinery because the meds will cows drawsiness.

Me: Did you just say “Cows Drawsiness?”

Him: No… Wait. Did I?

Me: Please […]