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I have a buncha files saved on in MS Word named variations of “Blog Blog Blog.” I have more than a decade’s blogs saved up there. It is actually verging on ELEVEN YEARS. About a fourth of my life. I have written these blogs in three different houses on three different computers in two […]

Apology Cookie

Remember when I was sick? Not me. Not much. It is kind of a mucus-y, eye-juice coated blurry-lensed blur of blurredness, as if I lived 3 days filmed through cheesecloth. During that time, I flat did not show up for a book event, which is not like me. So I went back Thursday to make […]

Update, Update, Transcript from a Tour-versation

Also Y chromosome owners of taste and heart. nodnodnod

UPDATE ONE: Event. If you were at the ILL-FATED BAM event that got Flu Smacked into not happening, I am so sorry! I will be there on a make-up event on THURSDAY NIGHT. Yes, tomorrow, so in time for Christmas, and this event will be […]

What Maisy and I Did Today

They are melting! Because a snowman would have a very short life expectancy in Georgia. Anything with that much sugar on it and butter in it has an even shorter life expectancy in my house.

My fave is the fellow who has lost his nose. He is nonplussed! This is as Martha Stewart as I […]

Warning: TACKY. Contains Cat Butts

These candy bars cost five dollars each. THEY. ARE. WORTH. FIVE. DOLLARS.

I am home and sick and worn to a nub from tour. I walked in my door and my immune system crashed from all the breathing in airplane air which is full of plague rat dander and leprosy spores.


Me Before You

I was home from tour for Thanksgiving – I head back out on the road again TOMORROW for the last leg. If you live in any of these places left on tour, please come on out! ALSO If you WON Virtual Book Tour, please send me a snail addy or whatever I need to get […]