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TODAY my guest blog is a REALLY OFF THE WALL q and a courtesy of Powell’s, featuring hand puppets, cats, yoga, and various kinds of banging. Here we have no blog. Just a winner announcement.

So, remember the PRIZES for the VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR? No? You can see them here. We did it […]


SO last night I was in FAIRHOPE, doing a book tour event, and I was supposed to stay over but I just kinda—I needed to be home. SO I cancelled my hotel reservation (THEY WERE SO NICE TO LET ME without making me cry or even explain too much) and I drove 6 hours into […]


I AM ON THE ROAD. I MISS YOU ALREADY. I hope to see you on the tour, and then it will be harder to miss you, because you will be there. If yu cannot be there, you can still get on on the virtual book tour. Just have the orders in before 4 PM EST! […]


LOOK what I will be doing this afternoon. 4 PM EST. You come, too. Pretty please? Sugar etc? It will be fun.

THIS IS WHERE THE CHAT TAKES PLACE (to be clear) (because I got a couple of asky emails)

I am going to put on eyeliner and a nice top. SECRETLY, […]

Truck Splits to Enya

1) Truck Splits to Enya would be a great weirdo garage band name. Imagine a kind of peg-jeaned band with throw-back mod hair and a retro-amusing take on synthesizers.

2) I asked you for funny cat videos and no huggings, and OH did you respond. I have seen EPIC cat videos, including one where these […]

The Mommy Dog in the Meadow


So, we know from Monday’s blog that there is nothing to see here, right? Just a harmless little box with giant mammals and continents on it, sitting in the middle of the springiest spring meadow that ever sprung. TRA LA.

And it is genuinely a NICE […]

Two Words in a Card with Little Birds on The Front

SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY is one of AMAZON’S BEST BOOKS OF THE MONTH, Beloveds, and it launches in one week plus one day. That means you have seven days left to come and have Virtual Book Tour with us.

(The VBT is explained here if you do not know what that is—Plus you […]

The Preemptive Big Sad Retrospective

With a deft wit and a series of stellar twists, Jackson creates a conventional love story that is also something more: an exploration of what draws people together, and pushes them apart; a commentary on faith’s ability to unite or divide; and a reminder that “death brushing past makes people hungry to connect to […]

Blogstagram: A Celebration of Yogaween in Pictures

This is one of my favorite yoga teachers on the planet, Astrid Santana.

I missed the class where she asked folks to come to class in costume in honor of Yogaween.

She taught in this rig – which if you were raised in a BOX and are thus not familiar with this iconic female […]