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Death by France-y Pants

The Virtual Book Tour is still happening, all the way up to the evening of November 19th.

Remember my France-y pants? These are magic writing fantasy pants I found dumpster diving in Avignon? They are PINK and TERRIBLY UGLY and flop-tastic and you could fit in them with me and we wouldn’t even have […]

Oh Frabjous Day

They are here and made of fresh paper and they exist. THEY SMELL GOOD. They smell like real true books. I know so many of you have converted to the one true church of e-book, and fine! More power to you! But OH, I love the book as CONCRETE NOUN.

I love especially […]

Suicidal Wormsphabet

The other week, the weather turned here in Georgia. It made the worms, turn, too.

Scott and I decided to take the dogs out and found ourselves walking into a worm-abattoir of horror. The cool rainy October night before had fooled a bunch of earthworms into meandering out onto the asphalt and sidewalk and […]

THE VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR (now with prize pics)

Jackson’s roller-coaster love story will leave the reader both thoroughly sated and hungry for more–PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

I am doing a 16 city tour—click here to see if one of those cities is yours. I’d love to meet you in the human-person. But if I am not going to be near you, The Alabama Booksmith—an […]

Not Like The Other Like: A Sesame-Tastic Interactive Multi-Media Blog-Sperience

Oh Best Beloveds, TOMORROW I am going to post a one SHORT succinct post that that explains The Virtual Book Tour without my usual 1,000 digressions. The new one will show ALL the prizes. *excite*

But today I want you to play this You Tube video, and as the nice lady sings I want you […]

Art Story (and a Thanks!)

Dear Kazamir Malevich,

I SUPER love the way you play with perspective—Cow and Fiddle? RIGHT ON. Englishman in Moscow? You have so brought on the sexy there. This self portrait? Yes, PLEASE, I’ll take two. But later on in your life, right about the time you started doing all this Red Square: Painterly […]