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My Cool Friends

I have the coolest friends. One of them is Skeet, a guitarist with LOOK WHAT I DID.

He dropped by the blog and heard my CANDY song – which, if you have not HEARD the Saga of the Candy song, you really need to drop down one entry and Read this first.


Targeted Warbling

FIRST, For Beloveds Far and Near: Check out this interview I did with Tom Franklin (Crooked Letter Crooked Letter) and Beth Ann Fennelly (Great With Child) about their new novel THE TILTED WORLD. This is an excellent, entertaining, gorgeous book about how these bright, fragile, hopeful threads of human connection spin out and entwine, […]

The Technophile’s File

The facebook link will get fixed today. It is broken because Tavia, a friend of mine at Morrow (who also happens to be a genius), saw the whiny, fussy entry before this and merged my facebook pages. Now I have only ONE facebook page!

And therefore no reason to fuss. BOO.

You know I […]

Do You Like Me? ___Yes. ___No. ___ No, but we are friends anyway. (Check One)

LOOK! I went to SIBA. It’s the Southeastern Indie Bookstore Alliance Tradeshow. SUPER FUN and I dressed correctly. I know because I am dressed JUST like an awesome handseller from a store I love in Athens — Avid.

This is the only outfit I wore at SIBA that I did not get THRIFTING, […]


We have had a very wet summer here in Georgia. Umbrellas have proliferated in my house, de-humidifiers the size of VW Beetles are all over my church, and a weird flesh-leafed bog plant is popping up all amongst my fescue. I seriously think it may be lily pads. My lawn is full of LILY […]

The Year of Living Thriftorously

First the tour is up. Am I coming to a town near you? Are you coming to the town near you to see me?

If I am NOT coming to a town near you? Well. Now you know. And you can take steps to get the signed, personalized copy of SELS you need to […]

FB, B, F, in that Order.

FB (Funly Business): Scott got the button for THE VIRTUAL TOUR up. See it over there? In the sidebar to the right. Hit that button and you can get a signed or personalized hardback first ed first printing of book I TRULY think you (or someone on your Christmas list) will enjoy, signed the day […]


What is The SELS Virtual Book Tour?

You may be saying, I already know what the Virtual Book Tour is, and I want to participate because I am a noble, gorgeous creature, so I will go ahead and click this link right NOW and get down, quick and dirty, to the hot, hot business […]

Edible Friends

an image of a nice friend I would like to eat with potatoes, from wikimediacommons

I am having mental illness about sourcing. As in, YES, I want to eat the chicken, but I also want to know the chicken was relatively happy up until he was killed and paired with dumplings to make ME relatively […]