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In Which I Unrepentantly Slaughter Thousands

Well, not personally. But I stood by and watched.

The Murderous Hornet Man came, he saw, he murdered hornets. Look, in this picture, all those hornet are dead, dead, dead. He was very excited about his hornet-murdering product. It was a DUST. It had freeze-y properties. Or something. I was not excited about the […]

WARSPS! (Not a typo. I said Warsps. I meant Warsps.)

I am reading this REDDIT post about all the horrid things that some unethical funeral directors will tell you that you MUST do to and for bodies. Expensive, yicky, invasive things, and these sad poor destroyed mourning people pay for it all, thousands of dollars…

Me to Scott: Please don’t bury me at all, when […]

1 Donkey, 2 Dogs

Prospectors in what was then the "Pikes Peak" region (Public Domain image)

Okay, if you scroll down one entry, you will see that I am looking for the literary source of particular Donkey story I heard in a sermon, and ALSO discuss a CREEEEPYYYYYY quote from a Stephen King Novella surfacing on a local […]

Desperately Seeking Donkey


By Joanbanjo CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A long time ago, I heard a sermon, and the preacher told this story:

Once there was a little donkey who was owned by a Trader-Man. The two of them moved across the countryside, farm to farm, tiny town to tiny town. She carried all the goods […]

I, Sustainable Unicorn

Let’s talk about this bag of Quinoa.

That, oh my beloveds, is not any old bag of Quinoa. It is the bag of Quinoa I bought two months ago, maybe more, when I decided to move from being a person who knows how to pronounce Quinoa to a person who actually OWNS some Quinoa. […]