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Social Media-tors

Lord, I have SUCH crazy-eye in this photo. I look like a cannibal. Or at least a potential cannibal. A lady with cannibalistic aspirations.

“Hi! I am Crazy-Eye Jackson. I love hallucinogens, taxidermied possums, and travel. I hope to one day visit The Sierra Nevada and eat some people. Donner Party Tourism, ya’ll. […]

Why I Call You Best. Why You Are Beloved.

You guys always come through! I read the comments and emails, taking in all the ways you tweaked and restructured and added and reduced and revised, and I took slices of various of advice from this one and that one, stole a structure from another, cut some you said to cut, fluffed out things you […]

A Dirty Look Behind the Scenes

I’m doing one of the weirder parts of my job today. I’m trying to write a SUMMARY or teaser—essentially jacket copy—for a long short story. It’s 20K words, so it is almost a novella. I wrote it. It is called MY OWN MIRACULOUS. Look to the right—you will see all the places where you […]

Food in France

Do you remember this book? It was charming and entertaining, but also IRKSOME, because sometimes it fell into an unconsciously entitled tone that assumed SUCH luxurious wealthiness—-it felt a little GOOPy, if you know what I mean. You know GOOP?:

“For the perfect snack after my zen-yogatation-pilates class with my Swedish muscle-elongation-technician, I like […]

How to Go to France

Proof of France! Scott and I stand in the French and therefore awesome rain while the Eiffel Tower lights up and sparkles LIKE A BOSS.

Here is the first thing you should know about how to go to France: It is likely that you can go to France.

And you should. France is […]