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Winners (Vicki and The Sibbie) and Losers (My Nostrils, Lungs, and Joints)

First, Immediately, and with Heartfelt Apologies for my tardiness, let’s talk to that hopeless crack addict, The Random Number generator, and see if his drug-addled brain can come up with the right number to land you a piping fresh hot copy – signed – of Susan Rebecca White’s latest, wonderful novel A PLACE AT THE […]

3Q with Susan Rebecca White (AND A PRIZE DRAWING!)

Just leave a comment and you will be entered in the drawing to win a FREE SIGNED COPY of A PLACE AT THE TABLE.

Most of you know I love me some Susan Rebecca White. She debuted with BOUND SOUTH; I impulse bought it because of the cover before I knew her at […]

The Best Things in Life are Free (for example, Dumpster Pants)

Google tells me that Urban Prairie Girl on Etsy makes what looks like superlative fantasy pant. The Fabric is correct, the pockets are a PLUS. But they need to be bigger. Good fantasy pants will hold at least two of you. I bet she could make them bigger…. This image is a link to […]

The Saddest Dog in France (and other tales from Avignon)

We thought this was the saddest dog in France…

Until we saw this fellow, hanging out of a fourth floor window, stangling and damp.

In some lovely gardens above the Pope’s Palace, we saw a lizard. Then another lizard came over to her and hopped on top. “Are they fighting?” Maisy asked. […]