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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner: UPDATED TWICE

I MEANT TO DO THIS SUNDAY! Here is the winner of TRISHA SLAYS DEBUT, from comment number 3 per the fickle choosering of the choosery Random Number Generator. We HATE him. He never picks you. Unless you are Linda J, in which case he did:

Linda J, May 21, 2013 at 10:26 am I […]

Perks and Picks

Last day to enter to win Trisha Slay’s debut YA!

Author perks exist. They are a true thing. Most of the time they are just little niceties, such as, you go to a lit conference, and they have a hospitality suite, and it is stocked with FREE FOOD and FREE WINE (free is […]

3Q with Trisha Slay (And a Prize Drawing!)

HEY! Remember 3Q’s? Where a writer would drop by for a visit, answer 3 questions, and if the book sounded like something up your alley, you could leave a comment to be entered in a contest to win a FREE SIGNED COPY?

Well—looks like we are doing that again. Cool, eh?

I first met […]

Orange Friend!

Is the orange girl supposed to be the titular pal?

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal as I work myself back into some kind of reasonable shape, post all that boring stuff where I got really sick and went to bed for a year and emerged ALIVE (yay) but also substantially fatter (alas).

Remember that? When […]


SO! I am turning in THE SECRET WRITING PROJECT this week. Last night I borrowed a whole writing group from Susan Rebecca White (Lookit her fancy new website!) to get fresh eyes on this thing before I turn it in.

I have FIVE FULL SETS of notes on TSWP, and this morning was all […]

While I Was Out

This is an ocelot. Apparently. When I said we had them living in our hair, I was picturing a type of weasel. I chose Ocelots because the weasel is an inherently amusing animal—even the WORD Weasel is an inherently amusing word. But no, ocelots are a darling thing you get when a house cat […]