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The Third Piece of Unsolicited Advice Drops

This is not actually MY advice. It was originally posted ALL OVER my son’s high school. He stole one sign and brought it home to post on our refrigerator, lest he forget.

SERIOUSLY??? Yes, seriously.

Wall licking was a apparently a thing.

Don’t do it, ya’ll. That way lies wall-induced ebola and, should […]

Three Pieces of Advice You Did Not Ask For, On Topics You Were Not Actually Considering

ADVICE NUMBER ONE: You should read Richard Russo on the toilet.

No, but, you really should. I was recently found by an old and very very very odd college acquaintance on the Facebook (OH! INTERNET! WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE YOU???), and when I asked him what he was up to these days, […]

In Which Velociraptors Chase Me Down Memory Lane

The last time I saw Jurassic Park, I was living in Oak Park Illinois, just outside of Chicago. Scott and I were SO freaking poor, I can’t even tell you. Scott had just completed seven years of higher education… in THEATRE. We were both just ecstatic he had a job.

It was […]

November 19, 2013

So. Excited. SO. EXCITED. November 19. Do you like it? That cardinal’s name is William Ashe, and HE. LIKES. YOU.

Three True Things

1) My new life motto is green and to the left. I am doing it right now. YOU SHOULD DO THIS MOTTO. It is delicious.

2) Because you, Oh Best of All Possible Beloveds, are beautiful, I got SO MANY OFFERS TO BE MY NEW BEST FRIEND. Fully thirty human beings offered via comments […]