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Sequel, Part Two (HA! SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

Here is a true thing about Pink Socks. It takes me a long time, but I DO believe I am getting better about matching up the pairs, here into FTK’s old age.

SO before I left for Virginia, I was telling you about how I was writing a FOR TRUE sequel for the first […]

Here There Be Dragons

I need a new best friend. VERY badly. Are you her? I am going to write a personal ad about it.

Desperately Seeking My New Best Friend. MNBF should be female, live in the greater Atlanta area (Decatur preferred). MNBF has HBO and a strong desire to invite me over once a week to […]

Uncle Toilet’s Bathing Pod for Underprivileged Filth-Encrusted Right Triangles

This Shower is Inexplicable

I am on writing retreat in a VERY darling bungalow in Virginia with Mad Genius Lydia Netzer, and we wish you were here, assuming you are a homeless triangle in need of a thorough cleaning.

Because if you are, we can plug you directly into the shower as if […]

Nothing Bad Has Happened

Assume no assumes. I am just Crazy Busy in the Face, trying to get out of town for a week.

As a place holder, and so you know it is all well, I am putting up and OLD post I love, that I had forgotten, that is true and dear. In it, Beautiful Maisy […]

Never Say Never

I am currently doing a thing I’d said I’d never do. VERY currently. RIGHT THIS SECOND I was doing it, and I paused to come here and tell you I was doing it, and as soon as finish telling you I am going to go right back and do it some MORE.

Best Beloveds, […]

A Picture of Monday in Bleach and Blue

Mango would like it known he resents being cast as the ominous murderer in so many of my recent blog pet pictures, to which I reply, “Perhaps you should stop looming around, terrorizing Ansley. Maybe stop making blood-lusty throat-goat warbles and giving yourself minor brain damage by hurling your face into the glass in a […]

Pick Your Pretty

SO I did a book club call last night – V fun group.

One of them, Nora Lindberg, wrote some Haiku in response to A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY.

This one was my favorite:

What kind of pretty are they-

Hair pretty, smart pretty, or Mom pretty?

Tough pretty wins every time. […]

Silent Assumption

Let’s play Silent Assumption. If I go silent here, assume things are bad. As in, Last week, Dad was back in CCU for the bulk of it. If you notice me not blogging, and you are a you who prays, my silence is an excellent indication that it is time to throw in a […]