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The Cat of Damocles, Looming on Ash Wednesday

Scott took this pic. Ansley is looking at me. See the worried ears?

She is asking me with the plaintive eyeballs WHY I have allowed this AWFUL, TERRIFYING CAT, the one with all the POINTY BITS on his EVIL FEET, to perch above her. Do I not KNOW this cat can drop upon […]

My Hobbit Name is Fussins of Fuss-end

First of all, my dad was back in CCU last week and all this weekend with some congestive heart failure. Just a LITTLE bit. Heh. We’ve all been in Birmingham. They thought it was a heart attack or pulmonary embolism, but it was a problem with some clotting in his graft. They were able to […]

You SUCK, Goodnight, Moon (or, A Moral Dilemma)

I tried to think of a book NO ONE could possibly hate…and here are quotes from 2 of the (57!!!!) 1 star reviews I found on Amazon:

“The story is boring. It just points out various things in a room, then proceeds to say “good night” to all the objects in the room.”


Gangnam-Good Intentions

SO. I owed you a dance. Yes? If you check your yellowed dance card from 20 years ago, you might see my name is there, by Gangnam.

I had such good intentions! I got deep into the campaign for Good Reads, and my friend Alison came up with the video idea. I said no, […]