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How I Finally Got Organized and Learned to Love my Closet

I wrote began a long series about my TOTAL INABILITY to have tidiness be a regular guest in my home/car/life. It started with AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EVANGELLICALLY ORGANIZED and ended, well, nowhere, and never because of my aforementioned TOTAL INABILITY TO BE TIDY.

Now? I am a very organized person, in a […]

They Meant Well

I want to live in the Cheese Store of Cedarhurst.

Sometimes people say things that are probably TRUE, but I do not want them to be true, so my natural reaction is to become enraged with the horrible person who is saying true things I do not like.

Prime example. A woman […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Cat Vomit

There’s things I can’t blog about. Stories I can’t tell. Sometimes I can’t tell them because they aren’t mine. Sometimes they are PART-mine, but if it isn’t mine outright, I do not tell the story. I try not to even refer to the stories.

The upshot is, last year I blogged very little, and when […]


We skipped Christmas this year. Dad had a very difficult and fraught recovery, and he just didn’t feel like having Christmas. WE didn’t feel like it WAS Christmas.

Christmas is welcome to come without ribbons. Or come without tags. It can come without packages, boxes or bags. But I need Daddy carving the roast beast […]

Bravest Bird

Soon after we moved here, Scott hung this bird feeder up on my office window . It has a silver mirror panel, so the idea is, the birds can’t SEE IN and don’t know I am sitting here, trying to work on a new novel and desperate to be distracted, as I ALWAYS am […]

Black Pig Christmas, Cow New Year

Actual black pig

When Sam was three, he noticed this black wrought iron pig on the fireplace. More specifically, he noticed it was EVIL. The pig loomed up huge in his dreams, chasing him and knocking him down the stairs and pouncing on him and eating him from the feet on up, “While I […]