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She Doesn’t Get Eaten By the Eels at This Time. Neither Does Her Father.

What's that swimming toward me??? Is that… LUPUS?

So, hi. Still not any sort of settled. Update, Short Version: My dad came home from the hospital, was home 18 hours, couldn’t breathe, went back, fluid around his heart, complication, more surgery.

He came through the second surgery like the eel-killing bad-ass that he […]

Fun and Weepsies

A sadly PARTIAL LIST of everything that has made me ugly-cry publicly for the last two weeks:

In Sunday school we were discussing Eli, who raised just GODAWFUL sons, but I defended him, saying, “Hannah took Samuel to live in the temple when he weaned, so at most the kid was four, which means Eli […]


1) They moved dad out of ICU. He is on the mend. Man, that guy is tough. He will be home soon, they say. I’m going to Bama to help mom. I am SO tired from being sleepless and fretful and such—and if I feel like THIS, she must be feeling like this CUBED. Maybe […]

AFK for a Bit

SO hi there. On Tuesday, after I posted, an ongoing heart problem put my dad back in the hospital. (He’s had 8 stents tucked into a single messed up artery in the last 5 years.)

Last year, when the 7th stent failed, they sent him to the best heart specialists in the country, who […]