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A small portion of the mighty Warhammer forces currently infesting my mantel shelf

You know how you SAY things if, you think a thing is super unlikely to happen, like how you might SAY if your kid gets on the honor roll you will buy them an EXHORBITANTLY expensive Warhammer model kit, thinking, “OH, […]

Business End

SO. PRETTY is in the semi-finals. Which means they wiped all the votes. Which means if we want to make the finals, you have to basically all go do it all again. HEH. I did not understand the process, clearly, or I would only just NOW be asking you to vote, but there it is. […]

November 6

Pretty Fans! In between whatever other little voting-type errands you may do today, please don’t forget to vote A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY in the BEST FICTION of 2012 award poll over at Goodreads.

Look, a handy link for voting!

Don’t neglect to pass the link on via facebook, tweet, and […]


My Gimlet Eye. Look, it is fixing you.

SO when last we spoke, I was trying to think of NON BRIBEY incentives that might motivate genuine fans of A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY help get the word out about its NOM for BEST FICTION over at GOODREADS. Have YOU voted yet, Oh Best of […]

I Know. Sorry. You Were ALREADY Sick of Elections….

SO! as I lost my mind and told youyesterday, PRETTY is nominated for GoodReads Best Fiction Thing. I became instant DOUBLE CRAZY to get everyone who EVER kissed this book on the lips and pronounced it to be yummy to go VOTE!

Look, a handy link for voting!

But yeah—today? I went […]