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And We Hired Mango, Lord Puff of Puffington

A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY is officially launched in PB! WHOOOOOO and stuff. Mr. Husband heroically swapped all the sidebar links to the PAPERBACK, for ease of one click shopping. You should go buy it, either for yourself if you have not yet read it yet, or HEY it makes a GREAT gift, […]

Hip. Trip. The New PA.

HIP: I injured my sacroilliac joint.

This is the joint that connects your leg to your butt and lets you swing said leg all about.

It is apparently a VERY IMPORTANT joint to have healthy if you want to do stuff like SIT or WALK or NOT BE IN AGONY.

Actual grumpy […]


TOMORROW the paperback of A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY officially launches, and I will be DOING THINGS all over the web and even in the world to help remind people who like my books to go and buy copies and throw them from floats to booklovers who will no doubt line the streets of […]


I turn in the new book in on October 9th. It is finished, by which I mean, I have a DRAFT, but I am obsessively revising it. It is a love story. It is Someone Else’s Love Story, specifically. It is about mortality and marriage and miracles and other things that do not start with […]

Inside the Kid Brain Lies a Wonderland

Maisy has ANOTHER stomach flu. We are going back to the doc on Monday because I am getting seriously worried she has something wrong. They thought she had Crohns when she was little.

In my worry I got it in my head that this had something to do with the move. Old house…Lead paint…. Like […]

I Would Finish My Book On Time If…

It was 9 million degrees. The person in this suit lost twelve pounds and then died of heatstroke before being allowed to enjoy their smaller jeans size. Tragic.

ALL MY ONE THOUSAND CHILDREN will stop having stomach flu, going camping and befriending several thousand lice that have to be poisoned and then hand combed […]