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OH YAY! OH YAY! It is ALMOST here, my favorite literary weekend of the year. Inadvertent rhyme! I fear, that this is becoming a poem. Oh dear.

GAH! STOPPIT! You will see later at the end of this entry why I had to stop.

Okay so, here is where you can find […]

Succulent Vines

I hate the word succulent. It should only be used by EXTREMELY creepy vampires who are speaking of pale, wasting virgins in empire waist dresses, and then the vampires should IMMEDIATELY be staked for saying it, preferably by someone good looking and ruddy, who should then swoop the girl off her fainting couch and […]

On My Forehead

I would tote water for a cat who could do this. I would tote water or gold or sushi grade salmon or whatever he wanted.

Lydia Netzer is currently holed up at her farm in PA, trying to write 2K words a day with both her children present, and AS A HELPFUL BONUS, all […]


No one on this futon has insomnia.

Here is the crappy thing about having insomnia: You have a twenty hour day, so you are generally much tired-er than people who sleep.

Here is the SUPER thing about insomnia: YOU HAVE A TWENTY HOUR DAY.

So you are a little DROWSY, so WHAT. Do […]

The Magical Mystery Smell

SO this weekend, a smell happened. It was not a good smell.

I went into my office, which adjoins the laundry room, wherein lives The Dread Cat Box, and I could SMELL the presence of the Dread Cat Box. Like, entering one room of my house, I knew a cat box existed in another. […]

WINNERS! and Where Was Waldo? (In This scenario, I am Waldo. But I refuse the Hat.)

Here (very late) are the winners of the SHINE SHINE SHINE audiobook, at last.

1, Theresa July 23, 2012 at 3:21 pm I’ve already told my friend to read this awesome book, and she has already told her book-club members, who will tell their friends, who will tell their friends. Guaranteed.

50, Dina […]