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3 Questions: Lydia Netzer (& a CONTEST to win the AUDIO BOOK!)

Okay, I have a GREAT and entertaining interview with Lydia in a sec, but first…would you like to win a copy of the audiobook, which I read? I have THREE copies up for grabs this go round…

All you have to do is, HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THIS BOOK. A book […]


TEN — The number of years, more or less, that Lydia Netzer spent writing SHINE SHINE SHINE, her amazing book about motherhood, love, autism, robots, and what it means to be human.

“Over the moon with a metaphysical spin. Heart-tugging…it is struggling to understand the physical realities of life and the nature of what […]

The Wrong Way to Invent a Cocktail

First, go to your favorite restaurant to celebrate your anniversary. You will be celebrating late. Very late. You have recently roared, screaming and delighted, up-and-down-and-whirly-through a rollercoaster of manic-powered mental illness , in the throws of which you have packed up your whole family, even both dogs, and moved them thirty miles into town.


Today’s helpful hint, because I AM A HELPER: If you ever have a massive brain cramp and can’t remember the name Georgia O’Keeffe, EVEN THOUGH YOU LIVE IN GEORGIA, go to Google and type, “flower paintings that look like female ge” and google will already be saying, “GEORGIA O’KEEFFE, DUMMY,” before you can reach […]

Winnerriffica (THIS IS A WORD! *Stern Glare* IT IS.) Updated with drink recipe!

The cocktail name contest was a mistake. There are about fifty REALLY strong contenders. You guys should all get jobs naming stuff. Like race horses and nail polish colors and boats and more drinks. Seriously, beloveds, you are GOLDEN. You guys even helped me name BACKSEAT SAINTS, remember? WHO SAID “Saints in the Backseat?” […]