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Maisy Says The B Word

Maisy on the Stairs, photographed by Erin Virginia Jackson

The Cast: The neighbors across the street have a teenager boy named Trent, and then a couple-three younger kids who are in the HERD of neighborhood children that Maisy plays with. One night, the neighbors had friends over, and the friends had two kids: Teenager […]

18 or 19 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

He speaks my shorthand. He knows what “Let’s be mice ladies” means. He understands me when I say AH BLAH BLAH HELICOPTOR! AH BLAH BLAH SPAN! He can navigate the convoluted rules governing whether or not a person should be given a Cathead; he has never wrongfully Catheaded me, and he has never protested […]

My Beautiful Midlife Crisis (MBMC)

I forgot to show you the keeping room last time. PEEP THE BEAMS. Heartheartheart

We SO TOTALLY OWN this now! And by “SO TOTALLY OWN” I mean, “We own 37.5% of it.”

The rest a bank owns and we have to hurl large scoops of money toward them at regular intervals for about […]

MOVING PICTURES (No part 2! No cliff hangers! Absolutely whole and complete!)

I KNOW I AM BAD AND A PINK SOCKER OF THE LOWEST VARIETY. In my defense I am stuffing everything I own into boxes. WE CLOSE ON THE NEW HOUSE TOMORROW.

Here are two SLIPS, like a bookie would hold, and if I do not make good on these you can print them out, wad […]

Cussing, part one

We RE-interrupt the second part of SLOUGHING because it requires some photos I cannot get off my phone. FOR SOME REASON.

Until I can figure out HOW TO GET THOSE PICTURES, I offer you two stories about bad words. The first comes with a random picture of a duck who joined my husband for […]

Marriage Winners

Yes Virginia-of-the-Pink-Socks, there will be a Sloughing, part, two.

The RANDOM has Spoken, as you can see, and it chose the following peeps to win the new Anthology I am in, WEDDING CAKE FOR BREAKFAST:

Sarah of Blue in the Stream and Roxanne. WHOOP on you two.

As for the third copy….Here were […]

Sloughing, Part 1

I AM BAGEL! Please remit a Beggin Strip. I promise I will not know it is not bacon. In fact, I can safely promise not to know anything. EVER.

Last day to enter the contest to win a copy of the anthology that contains a goodly portion of the real for true love story […]


THANK YOU for the movetastic advice. I have actually cut and pasted bits into a list TO DO. Also thank you for the reassurance and cavalcade of voices shouting at me to drink liquor. You are wise! I bourbonically concur!


So the publicist in charge of WEDDING CAKE FOR BREAKFAST has ponied up […]



TOMORROW there will be a game. A GAME! An actual game with one picked winner who wins via righteousness and TWO random winners, who win by existing and being lucky.

All will win copies of WEDDING CAKE FOR BREAKFAST. It is an anthology. I am in it. Inside, I may or may […]

Fic-Facts not of My Making

WARNING: Contains Earnesty.

WARNING 2: If you have no idea what a Fic Fact is, then nothing here will make a speck of sense if you do not first click to go HERE.

So obviously I believe writing has an ongoing relationship with other arts, and for me this is most often […]