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The RNG has spoken! Yay for Ashley, the triangular orange six footed monster of comment 19, who has won GRACE AND GRIT.

Poor Maisy Jane had a stomach virus. She was up all night puking in a 49 – 52 minute schedule. Which meant we had just enough time to watch a Doctor […]

3Q With Lanier Scott Isom – And a CONTEST!

SO I am in Alabama all week and I meet a girl at a book signing named Crimsynn. And of course the first thing out of my mouth—because I am in Alabama—- is, “So, are you named after Bama’s Crimson Tide?” And —because we are in Alabama—-her answer is, “Of course!”

Man, I love […]

Crazy Farm Plan Grows Teeth — Part Two

So, the reason I had a Crazy Farm Plan was lost in the craziness of Crazy Farm Plan. Every time I whined for CFP, I was actually sending myself a message that I did not receive because I am about as self aware as a Little Devil Potted Meat Food Product.

Also, because […]

The Socks Are Only Pink Very Briefly. More CFP Monday!

And here I Interrupt Crazy Farm Plan’s Teeth to Tell You Three Things!

1) Look at this DARLING Flash animation for SHINE SHINE SHINE. Did I tell you I read the audio of this book? Because I did. I FREAKING LOVE THIS BOOK WITH AN UNHOLY LOVE. I think I have read it about […]

Crazy Farm Plan Grows Teeth — Part One

I am a cyclical creature, but living inside the cycle, subject to its awful whims, it doesn’t SEEM like a cycle. It seems like what is real and true. It is partially because I ma not SEASONAL, so I can’t just say, OH It is WINTER, I get blue in winter. For me, the […]

We Went Medieval on that Birthday’s Butt

I met my husband doing a summer of George Kaufman plays with the Playwright’s Repertory Theatre in Florida. It was the first time I got paid actual money to act. This Summer Rep even had a few equity actors passing through; The Rep gave out of towners a place to live and paid enough […]

Things I Want to Put Into My Brain Using The Sensory Input Nodes in My Eyes and Ears

FIRST, a response to a comment on last week’s blog entry. Let me say, Cakeburnett, I appreciate your deep desire to NOT end a sentence in a preposition, especially one about my tiny dog. That is something up with which she will not put.

Ansley is a grammar Nazi, and if you muck about […]