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The Hairy Irony

You know those magnets on the back windows of cars, or stickers? Or whatever they are? They show the family, and now that I think of it, they are mostly on vans. Anyway, they show little stick figures to represent the people in the family, and sometimes the kid ones are very specific, like […]

Three Good Reasons Not to Walk into the Sun Like a Sun Lemming

Not that I was planning to. Really. But you know, some days you think, “Well if I DID walk in the sun like a sun lemming, at least I wouldn’t have to clean up this enthusiastic spray of dog sick I have just discovered in my guest room.”

One: My book is sitting by […]

Tucson in Pictures

It’s so foreign a landscape, so clearly OTHER, that it made me re-realize that wow, this is a BIG country. I felt a little like I had flown through space to get there. Kept looking for green chicks in scanty clothing, with the requisite Captain Kirk to mack on them.

The plants are INSANE […]

Things Said or Written by Some People I Love

I hate blogs about why people have not been blogging. SO this won’t be that. I will just say, my best cat died. I am blue. Several people I love are having very hard times right now, with bad cancer situations and other family crises, and I can’t FIX any of it, or even really […]

The Friday Redirect, Because I Noticed It Was Friday

This is me at Dekalb School of Fine Arts yesterday, where I am apparently teaching some rather gifted young writers how to feel up an invisible mermaid. (Or perhaps how to kindly adjust her seashells, as based on my hand position, her top has gone a bit wonky.)

Charity, I told the kids, begins […]