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No Pictures

The last time I took him to the vet, Schubert’s numbers were not good. Not good at all. The vet said, “Well he is 16 years old… his kidneys are failing. When they give out, you will know. How is his behavior?” I reported that he was eating with vim and belligerently ruling over the […]

The Importance of Being Ansley, Part Three, Finally: Eat, Bay, Love

So if you scroll down there are two previous Ansley blogs that explain who and how and why Ansley is. Now. Here is a true depiction of three dogs.

Bonneville: Bonneville was a foster dog. He was not allowed to stay at my house.

Bonneville had a very terrible life before he met us. […]

This All Mostly Happened Yesterday…Or An Ansley Re-Deferred

Yes yes yes, spiritual lessons from dogs whose insides seem to be half-bladder yesterday, spiritual lessons from dogs whose insides seem to be half-bladder tomorrow, but NEVER, it seems, spiritual lessons from dogs whose insides seem to be half-bladder TODAY.

SOCK ME NON OF YOUR PINK SOCKERIES, oh best of all possible beloveds, […]

The Importance of Being Ansley, Part 2: The Curious Incident of the Ansley in the PetSmart

Part one is two entries down. Title courtesy of Brigitte.

My actual dogs—I found pics on my phone

Quick links: Tour dates, Alabama and then all the Carolinas are coming up next. Come see me!

If I am not coming anywhere near you, this is REALLY the last day or two before VBS […]

Linktastica Guestblog, or, An Ansley Deferred

The A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY tour is all Alabama, all the time this week…Mobile, Fairhope, Montgomery, Birmingham! Please come out and see me, even if it stinking rains. Again. We can have fun even if we all come slightly premoistened.

Come February 9, at The Alabama Booksmith, VBS ends, so you cannot […]

The Importance of Being Ansley, Part 1: The Bagel Back Story

REMINDERS: I am in Florida and Alabama now. If these are your stomping grounds, check the tour schedule and come see me. We will have fun. Pinky Swear. We are getting SO CLOSE to Virtual book Signing at Alabama Booksmith, so if you want a signed first edition/ personalized book stating you have the best […]