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Two Reminders, One Burning Question That Proves My Mental Illness Number is Nearing Terminal Numberlocity, and a PS

Reminder 1) I leave at 6 am for Mississippi on the first leg of the tour (HELLO OXFORD! HELLO JACKSON!) So if you are round about those parts, check the schedule and come out and see me. We will have fun. Pinky Swear.

Reminder 2) This also means that we are only a week […]

Launch Day

It’s GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY’s launch day, so of course my mental illness number is so high that my main goal for today is to get all the way through hot yoga with no public weeping. If I can make it to the end, I will lie down, flattened and soaked in my own […]

This Happened

Oh My Best Beloveds, something AMAZING happened today.

Remember in the way-back-back of 2006 when I asked you to give me your email addresses if you wanted to be on the list to get my BRAND NEW EXCITING COMING VERY SOON ANY SECOND NOW REALLY newsletter that I promised to send out whenever I […]

A Whatty WHAT Lair, You Say?

The The BookPage review for A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY is up, and lovely, saying things like engrossing and etc, but I have to admit my mind boggled a little bit when the review promised that my fifth novel features, “a forest sex lair.”

A FOREST SEX LAIR! Below is a screen capture […]

What is The Virtual Booksigning?

This is a plain and simple little post that explains the Virtual Book Signing, and explains how (and also why) you should participate in it. (Under why? see: Diabetic kibble. See also: Supporting my work, because you want to allow me the privilege of continuing to write novels because you are a glorious human being […]

In Which Scott Triumphs Over All the Christmas

This Pilot Did Not Win Christmas

This is very late, but Strep prevented me from caring. Or sitting up. I am finally better, and antibiotics are miraculous.

I love to win Christmas.

Okay, let’s be real. I love to win. ANYTHING. I have a problem.

I had to stop playing online Scrabble […]


Alanis Lyrics—It’s like your current least fave bacteria is your fave color.

I have to tell you how Scott won Christmas, but I cannot because of my New Year’s resolutions. Namely the FIRST one, which was:

Do not get strep throat.

Status: Failed. Already. I am sitting here bleary eyed and sweaty and chilled […]