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The Blog Shies

There’s are couple of weird things that happen when you stop blogging for a little—or a lot.

1) First, you HATE to read those “why I have not been blogging” entries by other people, because they are not very interesting, and they seem to imply a certain HOW HAVE YOU MANAGED WITHOUT ME […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Do pR0n.

Look here is a picture of a dog so beautiful he ought to be subverted into my dog posse. His name is COWBOY and he has screwed up eyes. One eye is blue and the other eye is half blue and half brown. It makes him look goofy and demented and beautiful, like […]

The Advantages of Naughtiness and Bad Behavior

Look! Here is a picture of me with Deanna Raybourn who I met at the Dahlonega Lit Fest. She calls HER Best Beloveds “Dearest Chickens,” and is crazy-fun, but, I am sad to report, she is an addicted sugar-smoker.

Yes, Virginia, those are CANDY cigarettes. But they do not look like candy […]

Hey, Remember the FAQ?

Me neither!

I AM supposed to already HAVE one. I know that. The work is theoretically done.

You were THERE when we did it, remember? You Best of all Possible Beloveds helped me compile a list of questions. If any question sounded even remotely familiar, I assumed it was because they had […]


Scott and Maisy are watching A KNIGHT’S TALE. She is ALREADY scandalized by seeing Chaucer’s buttocks. And then..this kiss happens. This verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry French kiss.

Maisy: Daddy, why are they opening and closing their mouths like that?

Scott: Sometimes, when a boy and a girl like each other very much—AND THEY HAVE DECIDED TO GET […]

These Pictures are Worth Approximately 1/3rd to 1/2 of 13,567 Words

13,567 is the number of NEW WORDS I wrote while I was up on a tall tall mountain with Lydia, retreating. Those brave wild honking beautiful LOONS among you who are doing NaNoWriMo may now yawn, completely unimpressed, and say, “That’s almost as many words as I effortlessly pooped out this morning before breakfast.”


The Friday Redirect

An Open Letter to the Fat Girl I saw at Hot Yoga in New York City

Halloween Redux

Sam was something undefined, but SCARY AS ALL GET OUT and moderately Steam Punk, if Steam Punk would be so kind as to make room for the possibility of enormous laser-guns. Maisy was a Heart-Sparkle-Diamond Glamour Witch. Those are not, by the way, orange contacts.That is just the natural, fiery gleam of CANDY AVARICE […]