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The Zoo in Pictures, Part Two: ZOMGAH! IS BABY LIONS!

Yes. The zoo has baby lions.

Five of them, which WOW, that is a lot of baby lions in a single litter.

Some people might think I buried the lead, giving you giraffes when THE WHOLE TIME I secretly had baby lions.

But honestly? For me? The giraffes were the total win […]

Trisha Slay is Awesome

The Zoo in Pictures, Part 1: Giraffes. Especially Gordon.

My sweet friend Patty Callahan Henry and her daughter Meghan used their awesomeness to get the COMPLETELY AMAZING Marcia (B-Ham’s large mammal curator) to take me and Susan Rebecca White on a special ZOO TOUR in honor of Susan’s Birthday and my existential angst ridden mid-life crisis. I have to tell you—this was the […]

Puffy. Giraffe. New South. NO BUS YET! KEEP LOOKING!

I am reading the audio for A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY this week hopped on steroids to make sure I have the lungs for it. I am having a great time with it, though—SO MUCH FUN! And am SO LUCKY I get to do this. SO lucky.

But… man.

Steroids are BAD. This is […]

I’m on a Bus: Weirdest CONTEST Ever

I am heading out in a few hours to start reading the audio for A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY. I wouldn’t say I am well, but I am SURE MEDICATED so I FEEL like I am. I am on about seven different things. Including Steriods.

Steroids make Hulk angry! RARR!!!

I spend a […]

Notes from the Trenches

If you are wondering if I died: I did not die.

I am just taking the whole week off from EVERY DERN THING to be at 100% to read the audiobook of A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY next week. (Woooo! Superfun!)

But this? I had to share. It’s Spockporn from my friend Cornelia […]

Please to Make Clickies

SO. A thing happened that made me make that face.

You might make that face, too, if you go read it, because it is HELLA weird, and also you might make the face anyway, simply because it is a blog entry by ME that is NOT ABOUT BRONCHITIS. It doesn’t even MENTION bronchitis. […]

Statue. Wrinkles. Sick. Nouns.

OH! Until just now to your immediate left, I forgot to show you the statue of Roger Conant, Salem’s town founder, who, as Brunonia Barry pointed out in THE LACE READER, is, from certain ANGLES, what the Victorians might have called, “A Pity.”

What is he doing, you might wonder. And I answer…Going […]

Thwartland is my Home

This, sent to me by Best Beloved Michelle W, speaks to me. It is called The Hand of God (Wrestling my Demons) and if ever a statue was a native of Thwartland, this is that statue.

Okay, so I have decided to live. I think. I feel live-ish today, anyway, but I cannot […]