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Ongoing Thwartage

Self Portrait, pre-Salem

SO! Filed under QUESTIONS, sub-header ONES THAT ARE ACTUALLY NOT AT ALL INTERESTING, you should probably ask me, “How ya feeling?” You will be mildly disinterested to know that I am still sick.

You are not as disinterested in me still being sick than *I* am, believe me.

The […]

Immediate Thwartage!

So instead of the plan, I am having bronchitis and all manner of mucus infestations, throat pain, frog croakage, and general physical decay. So much for saying yes to friends or starting a Bible study. Definately no yoga, absolutely no fruit. Maybe even LESS fruit than no fruit.

That sounds physically impossible, but […]

Morning, Sunshine, How’s the SAD?

If this is comedy, then comedy had a bad dinner. Very grumpy, for comedy, is all I am saying.

The title of this blog is a tweet from Julie. My answer?

“Mighty. Bloated. Smug. Demands potatoes. Me & yoga & my invincible pretendo-gland have plans to kick its butt.”

OH YEAH WE DO. Starting […]

State of the Union, Part Three or, A Brief Clarification of the Crazy

So. STILL WORKING ON THE PLAN to become Un-Befunked. I WILL post it this weekend because I am putting it into FULL THROTTLE MAGIC ACTION on Monday. I am gearing up. I say this to you in with Scarlet post-radish puke vehemence: On MONDAY I begin to fix this crap via SHEER ANIMAL WILL […]

State of the Union, Part *@&!@^#^$_)

That’s navy talk for Part 2. Aka “the part I magically deleted.”

I worked for three days on that entry…It is hard to write in an entertaining and rollicking fashion about being JUST SO DAMN BORINGLY SAD, but I managed it. That’s why it took so long.

And then…I somehow managed to […]

A Brief Digression from The State of the Union

First of all, you are amazing. You are. You are beloved and best. THANK YOU for the comments—I cannot even…

And I am not done talking about this. Especially since you have been so amazing and generous in your talking back and making me feel less root veggied.

See how that entry said PART […]

The State of the Union: Part One

This turnip is experiencing anticipation and hopeful love. Or it is a stalker.

I am about as self actualized as your average turnip.

That may not be fair to turnips.

Perhaps your AVERAGE turnip sits around thinking, “I am crunchy! I am wholesome! My nature is serene root-vegetable-y-ness. I understand my potential […]