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Be Sweaty, Be Smelly, Be Weepy

I LOVE THIS PLACE: Be Yoga. They have a HOT Yoga room, where you do Yoga in a sauna. After BE BASIC they place this lavender water soaked washcloth SO cold it has little ice crystals in it over your eyes, and TWICE it has felt SO good that I have silently wept into […]

Four Ways to Know You Are Old

1) You go on a date with your husband, and you pick FRIGHT NIGHT, the remake, because you both saw the original and loved it when you were teenagers. Once at the movie theatre, you look at all the posters, and MANY of the movies being advertised are remakes of movies you saw when you […]

You Are Lucky To Know Me (a festival of self loathing in three parts. By which I mean, one part.)

You ARE lucky to know me. Because I am So Cool, Is Why.

Also, you are lucky to know me because I don’t ever do anything I say I am going to do, and this lets you feel better about yourself, because you probably do do at least SOME of the things you […]

Nutshell Sans Context — PART ONE

1) Selfless Non-Self Promotion: If you are a Decatur Bookfest Goer, you can bid on this auction.

It is to idle away a delightful hour at the Brick Store Pub with me and Susan Rebecca White, which means you can support youth literacy BY DRINKING.

Also, if you look at the author […]


Mathilda, the Algonquin's cat. She isn't FAT. She's just…PLUSH.

THIS WEEK I will nutshell a few of the THOUSAND things I wanted to tell you on the blog this week, but could not, because I was on retreat and the internet was spotty and my technology was obstreperous and recalcitrant and vexatious and […]

Matched Set

(I had to cut this down to make it fit on Twitter, which I did because it was too long to tweet, but really too short for a blog. But here I am, blogging the actual word for word version ANYWAY, because I am STILL so dern charmed by it.)


Me: *coming […]

This I Like

I am in a funk. BLERRRRG. Scott has been out of town for a week, is why, so I am EXHAUSTED. When he goes away, my regulation insomnia becomes Insomnia Double Plus Plus.

I am unpleasant.

I do not bathe.

The potted basil looks droopy and instead of getting the hose […]

The Poo-fect Storm

Every animal I have is excreting terrible things into my carpet.

Aaaand that opener really should serve as a WARNING, but just in case it does not… This is not a good entry to read while you have a nice lunch. JUST SAYING. This entry contains SCADS of poop. Also urine. NOTHING LUNCHILY-PLEASANT-TO-DISCUSS IS […]

Make Clickies (and Winners!)

Today I am over on my group blog, THE LIPSTICK CHRONICLES, yapping about ears v/s mouths and how it’s important to create a COMPLETE ANIMAL with a heart and lungs and a spine and probably a LIVER before you pick ears or mouth. I think ears is best. *earnest nodding*

I promise this makes […]

Three Questions: Kim Wright (and a BOOK GIVE-AWAY!)

Kim Wright been writing about travel for more than 25 years, so who better to pen a novel about the end of a marriage and the beginning of …something else on a plane? It’s called Love in Mid Air, and Publisher’s Weekly says, in a starred review, “Wright hits it out of the park in […]