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4 Things, Almost Entirely Unrelated

1) Dear Book Page, I […]

Pre-Emptive Disclaimer: I Am Sure Many Well Endowed, Nice Men Own Chevys

So while I was at IKEA getting the desk and office chair for the living room, I also picked up another Billy bookshelf. Digression: The books in my house all seem to share rabbit ancestry; I am POSITIVE that the second I leave ANY room with more than one book in it (read: every room […]


So. Being fourteen and a high school freshman means one is old enough for one’s own computer. With one’s own internet connection. To do one’s own research and schoolwork, natch, but also because the world if full of smug Protoss on Starcraft 2 who need to be ganked by your righteous horde of bulimic, […]


Beautiful Maisy, who is barely nine, wants things. She is the THINGIEST member of the family, though this may be just because she is the youngest… Still she is the only one who gets excited when catalogs come in the mail, and she picks out everything from Hannah Andersson backpacks to pink-ingfested bedroom suites from […]

3Q with Ann Napolitano

Last night I went to Decatur to hear Ann Napolitano talk about her new book, A GOOD HARD LOOK, a novel I have fallen absolutely, unabashedly in love with. SO in love with it am I, I can end a sentence with a preposition over it, and not even BLINK.

It’s set in Milledgeville, […]

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

The Intrepid Fenchurch Fenn, being all intrepid.

I spent most of my vacation time dead in my underpants.

By which I mean, I PLAYED DARKFALL with a fervor that bordered on fanaticism.

Amorphous people-shaped objects would rise in my peripheral vision and SAY things at me, things like, “Joss do you want […]


Him: Honey? On the blog, maybe you should not tell people you are going out of town for a whole week.

Me: Why?

Him: Because the internet has ROBBERS on it as well as nice people. Maybe even robbers who know where you live or who are related to one of us. *ahem* […]

<3 and Lipstick

Firstly and foremostly, thank you. It’s weird, but writing all this MY MORTAL ENEMY crap down, even in an abbreviated and anonymous form, and having you, my tribe, posse up and get ready for a good fashioned book burning—-OH maybe it is wrong, but it made me feel SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Also I let […]