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My Mortal Enemy, Part Last-th

OKAY so I am going to wind up talking about M.M.E. (if I can, considering how long winded I am) because I don’t really want to THINK about It more. I got a bee in my butt about It because I turned down a speaking gig I wanted to avoid It. And that made […]

Lipstick, Moose, Lexicon, Mean

Today I am over on The Lipstick Chronicles, posting a group blog I wrote with Sara and Karen on retreat.

It has seals. Maybe Navy, maybe not. And registered sex offenders. And Pizza. So. Come on over and grab a slice.

Meanwhile I am trying to write this HIDEOUSLY complicated post for here where […]

My Mortal Enemy, Part the ONEth. (Scroll down for PART NILth)

Boggart has had his moments…

I am gathering from the comments that many of my beloveds think I am sillypantsing, and in the end, My Mortal Enemy will turn out to be The Boggart (not a bad call, all things considered) or, maybe, roaches, which okay. You could make a case for that.


The Many-Parted Mortal Enemy Saga PART THE NILth

I am going to tell you a bunch of stories in a row that are going to SEEM unconnected, but I am going to bring it all home in the end.

Or not. Depending on if I remember to. I HOPE I DO. You must nag and pink sock at me if I […]

Comfort Zoned Residential

Remember this dollhouse? It had a bubble chimney. My house does not have that.

Nancy was talking about confidence on my group blog, LIPSTICK CHRONICLES and it started me thinking about comfort zones.

I am confident in arenas where I know what I am doing and I believe I have a gift for […]

Savannah in Pictures

On my right hand ring finger is a single pearl set in a silver band. My dad gave it to my mom for her sixteenth birthday.

When she was nineteen and he was twenty, Reader, he married her. This June marks the 50th anniversary of their marriage. And they still like each other. […]

I Am Not Dead. I AM, However, Super Longwinded.

This is a Porn Moose.

Dear Facebook-Beloveds, I am not dead, and if you read the last entry HERE, you probably guessed I was just busy. Also I had no internet for days. And stuff. Want to play catch up? And find out what a Porn Moose is? (Hint: Look Left) ME TOO!

So, […]

A Missive From the Wilds

Sorry for no pics— I am in the mountains writing great slathering heaps of novel and the internet keeps popping off before I can upload them. I AM TAKING PLENTY (although I am taking them with the camera in Pocket Spock—my droid phone— so they aren’t, like, Ansel Adams or anything) and shall when I […]