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Winners and a Bonus Coupla Dubya Tee Aitches

The RNG has smiled upon these ten. I screen-shotted, took the image to paint and winners of the the EXTRA SIGNED BOOK from my own collection are circled in blue, winners of the FOX DOLL/Between package are in hot pink.

I have maybe 20 extra foxes left…I AM going to find a way to […]

3Q with Me, and the FIRST CONTEST with Sliding-Scale Prizes

LAUNCH DAY!!!!!!!!!!! And a contest to win the spankin’ fresh new Paperback Edition of BACKSEAT SAINTS.

Library Journal Says: On the surface, she’s Ro Grandee, dutiful wife of a handsome Texan with ready fists. But underneath her flowery skirts and painful bruises lurks Rose Mae, a fierce Southern spitfire who’s already escaped an […]

Enter the Ansley

This is our main dog, Bagel, and our small auxiliary dog, Ansley. (Dave Barry FTW)

I blame Sam’s Club. Because it has VERY LONG LINES on the weekend. Because it is right next to PetSmart. Because PetSmart lets a Rescue group have dog adoption day every Saturday.

We left Scott with a huge platform […]

Enter Saints, Exit Ferdinand, Enter Ansley

Backseat Saints comes out in paperback on Wednesday—it is already showing up available to be ordered and in STORES. GAH!

Now quite a few of you bought in hardback (PS WOW YOUR HAIR LOOKS GREAT!!!! You look like a fricken HAIR MODEL!) but if you aren’t a hardback buyer, oh, Beloved, THIS IS […]