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Name That Phone (a contest!)

THE TITLE IS BROKEN. The actual title is NAME THAT PHONE, A CONTEST! And there is a contest. But I can’t fix it now I have to leave 15 minutes ago.

A CONTEST IN A SECOND OKAY???? But first…THE BOGGART UPDATE: Yesterday I took him to the vet to see if to see if […]

By the Time You Read This Entry*

Boggart's Inner Landscape

*This title assumes that you will read this entry after 8 AM, Monday.

I will be at the vet with Boggart. I am taking your advice, one piece at a time. Starting with declaring Monday 8 AM to be the official start of VET o’clock.

Maybe his TEETH hurt […]

Make the Clickies

Today I am discussing THE VORTEX GENE on my sassy-pants new group blog, The Lipstick Chronicles. I like it there. They call their Best Beloveds “Back Bloggers” which is weird, right? But not TOO weird as the initials are right. BB. And in all otherwises, they are SUPER cool.

Everyone is so CHATTY – […]