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A Birthday in Pictures

Yes, yesterday WAS my birthday (oh my Facebook informed Best Beloveds!) thank you kindly for your felicitations.

Our plans: Dinner out with wine and convivial conversation, and then a trip to the good movie theatre to see True Grit. But you know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men….Yes. They […]

One Full Basement


Remember 5 Full Plates? It was this theoretically great idea I had (key word: theoretically), where I would band with four of my dearest blog-inclined friends, and we would challenge each other and improve our lives and find corners of time in which we might care […]

3Q with Mark Childress (and a PRIZE drawing!)

I’m about half-way through the delicious Georgia Bottoms, a brand new novel by the irreplaceable Mark Childress, and I can hardly wait to get back to it. If you’ve read Childress before, you know what to expect—his signature rich humor infesting a story that explores the vagarities of the human heart. If you haven’t […]

What to Watch When Sicksicksicksicksicksick

Can I chakram that mucus for you, ma’am?

There was this stomach flu thing that made its way through Georgia and then my family, and I think in the wake of it, my much pampered, zinc-infested, Airborne-sucking, Echinacea-fused bloodstream FAILED me, and it let the flu in. I am DYING of mucus and my […]

Actually, The Lemon is Quite Pleased

There’s a story I tell aboutgods in Alabama whenever people ask me how much input we writers have into our book covers. gods was my first novel, and my then editor, Caryn, called me and said, “So the cover meeting is tomorrow. I wanted to get your input…”

I did not realize this was a […]

Boss of Me

Today I am blogging over at Southern Authors about GOOD READS and should I go there? And really? And that seems CRACK SMOKING CRAZY to me, so REALLY? Yes? No. Yes?

Come on over and tell me what to do.


A Winner Is History. Or Cigarette. Or Lindsey and a Duck. I Don’t Know. Someone Somewhere Won or Will Win Something. Yay.

The RNG has spoken, Congrats to Lindsey who, on February 7th, 2011 at 8:18 pm said “Wow! The story behind the two of you and this book is so amazing. I remember when Marianne Mancusi’s house burnt down, and it was so neat to see everyone pitch in for her. Congrats on the book!”


Yes, Bette, I Believe It Is!

So yesterday, beautiful Maisy who is about to be barely 9 had her first cat fight. Over a boy. Ohhhh ye gods and little fishes.

There’s a fifteen minute window between her car pool time and her brother’s, and she spends it in study hall. Yesterday, she came trailing out to the […]

3Q with Liz Michalski. And a PRIZE DRAWING. And an Off Ox.

This might well be an Off Ox. Lord knows It is big enough. Do Off Oxens read?

So in my blog entry over at The Lipstick Chronicles, I said I didn’t know someone from Adam’s Off Ox. Someone asked what an off ox was, and I said:

If you are plowing with TWO oxes […]

Go Red Lipstick (?)

That’s my official GO RED T Shirt—it has a silver spangley red dress outlined on it and is cut for girls. This pic is a link to the GO RED store where you can get this shirt and other goodies and raise money and awareness and maybe a few boy-pulses because it is a […]