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Do Not Actually Kill Anyone or Smoke Opium. (advice to writers)

Actual novelist, hard at work, pre-outline

We got mail! Say it like the AOL guy.

MAIL SAYS: A couple of months ago I finished a draft of my first novel. I printed it out and put it in a drawer. I even gave it an encouraging pat. I let it sit there for six […]

Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti

nom nom nom

My kids like this ridiculously expensive macaroni and cheese. See how I blame them? But who bought it for them the first time? Who enabled this preference for mac-a-chee that costs three times more than the blue box stuff with the nuclear Velveeta powder that I was raised on? That’s right. […]

Winners and a Whiner (and a cry for help)

The folks below won Abbott’s excellent new book, American Rose. Which, by the way, is now officially a New York Times bestseller! SO some of you darling human beings were too impatient to wait for the drawing and went out and bought a copy.

Or you gave copies to your friends, or you […]

The Vanity Fair Shoot

Psst! Don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Karen Abbott’s hot new book, American Rose.

SO, if you are in the grocery store, pick up a copy of February’s Vanity Fair and take a peek at pages 115 – 116. I’m in there with a posse made up of The Lady […]

3Q with Karen Abbott (and a Prize Drawing)

Karen is coming! Karen is coming! Here to Atlanta. Come hang out with us Tuesday and celebrate the launch of American Rose.

January 18, 2011 Ballroom Book Bash (hosted by A Cappella Books) The Highland Inn 644 N. Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA 30306 Time: 7 p.m. Contact: Frank Reiss, 404-681-5128, frank@acappellabooks.com $10 tickets or […]

We Interrupt Vermontian Content to Bring You: SNOWPOCALYPSE!

My house looks like a Christmas card!

Mir is calling Georgia’s immersion in the white stuff this word, and so did my husband, and so did my pharmacist who I managed to get on the phone yesterday, so apparently it is a Zeitgeist term that is being randomly adopted? I accept it, because I […]

Vermont Part 4: 14 Reasons why LaGuardia Is Hella Better Than JFK

When we left me on the long, long, log, long LONG road to Vermont, I had just landed at JFK airport in New York City. I had never been before. I always go to LaGuardia. And truthfully? I have become bored of the story, having told it to my mother, Karen, Lydia, Sara, Jill etc […]

Vermont Part Three: What Got Eaten (including My Dignity, Some Other Wayward Travelers, and My Sacred Paper Calendar)

Can someone get this monkey on a milk carton? STAT!

I am HOME, at last, at last, only to find that my Sacred Paper Calendar has been EATEN by Boggarts. Not my awful cat, although I would not put it past him, but by real actual Irish house Boggarts.

Do you understand that […]

Vermont Part Two: I Am Not Illiterate, I Just Play an Illiterate Person on Television. Alternate Title: PINK SOCKS, Ahoy.

I am not as angry with my laptop as this guy was with his. But it’s CLOSE. (pic is a link)

So my last entry was SO typo addled I thought of following up by posting an entry that simply said, “Tiored. Sleepilish. Pls remit waffles. Lols my laptop is bork in the mousepartz ohnoez111!!!1111one” […]

Vermont Part 1: The Karma Dump

oooooooooooh! Practical!

EDIT: Some industrious Vermonting someone has FOUND this entry—–HOW? I hid it so very carefully, on the internet, and who looks THERE? I am now embarrassed about the typos and weird cut and paste errors that riddle this entry. But not embarrassed enough to battle my broken mouse (see next entry) to […]